How to connect DiGiTAKT, DFAM & CV.OCD best way?


Hi : )
Has someone here experience with this setup?
I love the Digitakt and also the DFAM, and i read here at Elektronauts that they can play together nicely connected with the CV.OCD in between.
I ordered the CV.OCD but i dont get them together perfectly : (

Has someone experience with this, and tell me the best way of connection to have a deep access to control the DFAM with the Digitakt?

Thank you very much! I think this both together are a killer!


Alex : )


Make sure you have the latest os on the cvocd. You download it via sysex so you need midiox or similar. The older os had a bug which drove me crazy. It’s rock solid now.


I don’t have the Mother 32 or DFAM, but I do have a Digitakt and CV.OCD. I’ll sequence two synth voices, and use another 2 channels for triggers for envelopes and LFO’s and then run a few different clocks so my setup is like this:

CV A - Pitch Synth 1
CV B - Pitch Synth 2
Gate 1 - Trigger/Gate Synth 1
Gate 2 - Trigger/Gate Synth 2
Gate 3 - Trigger/Gate
Gate 4 - Trigger/Gate
Gate 5 - Clock
Gate 6 - Clock 1/2
Gate 7 - Clock 1/4
Gate 8 - Clock 1/8

I’m not too familiar with the MOOG’s, but I feel like you’d be losing something not using those on board sequencers and sequencing with the Digitakt.


Ok, thank you! I will check this.