How many of 8 tracks on octrack MKII can you send out?


Wondering if I can somehow get all 8 tracks individually out of octatrack to use a analog mixer to get individual lines for FOH. Can it be IE Cues Tracks 3/4 Master 1/2? Even better can the inputs be configured as outputs? Mostly dropping things via usb already recorded how I want without recording it in. Any kind of mods for that? Sending 8 tracks to a LR is tough for live to imagine getting full power on. Mistakenly thought it would be like the Analog RYTM MKII were there are individual outs for everything…
Maybe I’ll have to record it all in individually into computer what I do with octatrack the performance then sell it and dump it all down into something that has 8 outs to have individual stuff for FOH?


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