How has quitting weed affected your music making, creativity, productivity, focus, and overall health?

I’d like to hear a northwest electronic show. Really curious if it would stand out sonically or hav any arching similarities


it will be great ive played hardware sets since i was in highschool ! im unsure what you mean by arching similarities and standing out sonically im not in big brain time right now lol my backround is making music on video game hardware i gues sthe genre is called chiptunes , @kite_splash played in seattle with me ! we played at one of the biggest clubs called the monkey loft, he destroyed the system on 2 PSPs running Little Piggy Tracker , i think we smoked some weed lol
but yeah i havent playd. show in a grip but hardware would fit right into seattle scene cuz everyones all indie and shit like that and it would look cool to those hipster dudes lol


You make some idm type stuff too, it’s not all chip tune. Especially when you got your hands on Ess, 0 Day Sysex


and onto productivity through being sober i ironically have played some of my best sets on pure Molly MDMA on my gameboy advance running nanoloop 2 but i play better sober i like to smoke weed for my sets int he past but it always makes me play super slow and i dont get to play all the songs i want to in the time slot i always get the 5 minutes left signal when i wanna play 3 more tracks lol but i noticed when performing my songs now adays on multiple machines sober i tend to do transitions way smoother so i decided that if i play a show in the future i wont smoke weed so i can get more material into the set and do better FX stuff on the Octatrack!


AYYYY i got some more tooo lol wait until i download his new one lol! welocme to distortion crunch town! IDM is life IDM is love !

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to add to this Digitone is the new chiptune !chiptune is dead! long live the digitone! :alien::vulcan_salute: but i got a new sega midi interface coming in the mail and im going to send the sega audio into the digitone ! its going to be my IDM VGM supreme box, but yeah being sober from the weed has helped me to get better musically with the digitone and making IDM where before I was stuck in 4/4 all the time.


Smoked pretty much every day for 27 years. Body asked me to quite the love affair with M.Jane at 41 so done it intensively from a young age.
(Music and weed is the language of my city and contemporaries).
I hate to say it I got quite a lot of intensive creativity done when binging on it heavily all day ev day ,more than now (gave up 2013). Giving up tobacco too changed my studio habits, not always for the better…
But I will say quitting is one of the best things I have ever done and much damage accumulated thru Chong.
Someones previous statement about self medicating for stress was actually making things worse was dead right for me and professionally it really held me back - being so stoned all day got in the way of gigging at night and basically engaging with the rest of society, not to mention the mental health effects.
Cant smoke it now, it will ruin a good party or evening :smoking: plus mixing with Tabasco is just so wrong for the body.
If you do smoke, smoke pure.


Oh hey! My friend does Soft Option there.

There’s a lot of Elektron fans in the area, the last time they had an event here it was packed.

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Elektron Seattle takeover lets gooooooooooooo!!!


Oh I’m wondering if there would be similarities between the artists that you could label as a northwest sound.
Monkey loft is fun. I haven’t played a show yet!

You mean the PNW sound?! lol I dunno what northwest sound means, normally I can’t tell where people live by the music they make xD


well, i had to quit everyday weed usage due to certain health issues, so it was obviously good for overall health.

did not affect everything else at all. in particular, i have exactly the same problems with focusing either with weed or without it.

to speak about music, goa trance is still my favorite genre, as it was 25 years ago, when i used to be permanently stoned :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

TBH, i’d say that 14 years of more or less everyday usage were extremely good for my creativity. the brain trained well to think certain way, and continues so without weed.

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Wow so many replies. This has been my most popular thread on Elektronauts lol. It’s amazing how different weed effects people. Some can totally function and be consistently productive on it. Some can exercise. I can barely walk up uphill let alone exercise whether I’m stone or I’ve had a drink. I’m very sensitive to all drugs and medications. Weed wouldn’t be half as bad if it didn’t give me major munchies. I’ve never been in good shape during period when I’ve smoked daily. No matter how little I smoke, the next morning I feel groggy and unmotivated to exercise.

When I first got an Octatrack and had 2 weeks before my show, I didn’t smoke at all and I was able to use it by the tike my show came up. I wouldn’t have been able to do that had I smoked.

The sense of bliss and things being rad only lasts about 1/2 hour now and not worth the munchies, getting non-REM sleep, and feeling foggy low energy the next morning.


I get this a lot with smoking weed as well. You don’t get that well needed, deep rem sleep, and I feel irritable the next day.

Used to smoke every day, a lot of times from when I hot up until going to bed. I loved it and it suited my lifestyle. Was djing a lot, working in a record store and enjoyed lazing about making music. It did mean id spend hours sitting around and not being active, I was totally aware of that and was cool with it. The negatives were i always wanted a smoke and when out would always need a smoke and was always my mind. Also the cost. Again though I was totally aware and was ok with me.

Then I had my first child and literally stopped that day. I had to because those few days I was in the hospital and doing stuff I couldn’t be stoned doing, as I’d stopped a few days i thought right may as well stop for good. I felt great afterwards and brain became more focussed and productive.

At no point did I think any of my friends should stop or smoking is bad, it just suited me in what I do to not smoke at that point in time. Still did other vices but getting stoned every day had ended after about 15 years of smoking. Zero regrets smoking or for giving it up. Good times before and after giving up and creatively both times were great for making music, just different.

So basically do whats right and what works and fits :slight_smile:


Very nice thread! All the sharing :+1:

I generally like to use greens in a very targeted way, when I want something specific out of it – other than just chilling. For music; while being sober definitely is best for focus, technical things, performing predefined music and „giving things shape“, weed seems to be very suited for open jamming, perceiving things or seeing the more statuesque image (?) behind the moving music.
I like to smoke in order to see if a track really fits the atmosphere in context or to get more acquainted with the character of the sound design that just happens along the sober ride. It‘s a bit of a fine line not to catch too much, otherwise I just jam away aimlessly and not even find the focus to listen to my current projects, hah.

Getting away from a more regular use has been good though, I don‘t get tangled up in all these mental nets anymore.

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I noticed there’s a big difference in how you consume it and of course the quality/strain you use. If I roll it up and smoke a joint/pipe I rather get „over the top“ and end up on the couch doing nothing. Especially when I smoke joints European style with tobacco. Luckily I quit that over night about 6 months ago and only use a vaporizer with a glass tube since then (like I did before, smoked joints again for about a year). So much better! Taste is really good compared to burning it and I can focus a lot better this way and consume only a fraction of what I did with joints. I‘d prefer cooking with it as the healthiest way to consume it but it’s very difficult to find the right dosage for some hot coco for example. Too many times I either didn’t feel anything or it was just too much… so a good vapo is the best option for me.

When it comes to music I can see a difference if I had some weed or not but it’s not like I need weed to make music. The only big difference is when I use an expressive instrument (for me that’s the turntable/scratching, sometimes fingerdrumming). Then I like it when high because there’s a lot more flow and less thinking in it. When working with my Elektron machines or even on the computer I actually prefer being sober because there’s a lot more concentration involved and I get easily annoyed by it when high.

I also only consume in the evening to unwind and when I meditate before going to bed I literally space out (more) when I’m high. And I also don’t have any problems getting my workout done in the morning but it’s been a lot easier with the vapo option.


I think for me , it has made me much more present. I realised i was using alcohol and weed as a way to get away from my feelings/emotions. Maybe that is not the case for any of you folk , but definitely was for me. It was very hard to break the link of escapism and my emotions , but now i have , i have had time dealing with my feelings fully. Not easy , but with therapy it has been the right step. Writing this , just incase someone else is in that rut right now. Its not easy , but it is worth the struggle , trust me. It has also saved a lot of money for me , so i can focus on my true passion , which is trying to be an artist and a designer. I don’t even enjoy getting a buzz from alcohol or weed anymore , i feel out of control even if I’m not doing that. I’d like to be present as possible at all times. But if weed works for you , for medical problems or your religion , or thought process/mental wellbeing. Go for it. Just please be careful.


Day to day I’m sober and clean. The less drink and drugs I do, the more productive I am. The more drink and drugs I do, the more I just want to sit around laughing at the TV.
I’ll have 2 or 3 major blowouts a year where I go absolutely crazy and weed is a massive help dealing with the comedown afterwards but it’s never been something that helps my creativity or motivation so I actively avoid it outside of the specific circumstances outlined above.
I do feel that I should be doing more mushrooms though. I really like how de-fragged my brain feels after mushrooms, they’re certainly the only “drug” where my thoughts feel clearer afterwards.


Quit a couple of years back after being quite a heavy user.

Maybe the best decision of my adult life. I have more energy, focus and motivation, better memory, am more articulate and happier.

I used to think that it helped me to be creative but the opposite was true. I’d enjoy getting lost in jamming but would end up with folders full of rough little ideas that I’d lose track of and not make into full pieces.

Don’t think there’s anything wrong with occasionally indulging in anything but as soon as use of a substance becomes habitual it’s time to step away.
Making the effort to develop a mindfulness meditation practice helped me to see patterns in my own life which were having negative consequences and get out of those feedback loops.