How does the SY Chord feature work?

Is this like on the Model:Cycles ? Can you have it on each digital synth or is there a limited amount of voices ?

Can you play chords “in a scale” manner (meaning you can have a different chord on each note) ?

Yes and yes. Every digital track can use any machine so you can have up to eight chord machines at once. With parameter locks you can change what type of chord and voicing you want on every trig, in addition to changing every other parameter in the machine as well.


Thanks, you guys are always amazing here.

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Yes, yes, and unfortunately not in live conditions! :content:

Lfos on waveform, osc balance, filter can give nice results.


So does it mean that I can lock a chord on a note in the sequencer but note in the trig themselves ?

Only with the sequencer (Chord Type parameter lock).

Possible hack with a midi processor…

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Ah, yep, that is correct, you can only lock the chord type on the sequencer. You can change the base note on the fly by using the keyboard or Tune parameter, but it will only play the chord type that the machine is currently set to.

Like @sezare56 said though, you can get interesting, dynamic results with the two LFOs modulating a chord machine. I especially like using a slow LFO on the oscillator balance to get pseudo-arpeggios going.


really interesting, syntakt seems like a beast, I want one !


No problem! Syntakt was my first Elektron device and it’s so intuitive, immediate, and inspiring. I was in a bit of a musical rut before I got it and now I play that thing pretty much every day. You can start from scratch and end up with a complete pattern in minutes once you figure out your way around it, and now with song mode it’s even more capable as a standalone groovebox.