How does the Randomizer work on DN?


Hi. I’m a bit confused about the way how the “randomizer” should work which came with the latest OS upgrade.
Can anyone explain it?


Here’s what the manual says:

You can also randomize the parameter settings on a specific PARAMETER page on a
Synth track. Press [PARAMETER] key + [YES] to randomize the parameters on that page.
Every time you press this key combination, the parameters randomizes in a new way. Press
[PARAMETER] key + [NO] to reset the PARAMETER page to its last saved state.

Press the PARAMETER KEY, hold it, and then press YES. The settings jump to a new, random set of values (and stay there).


yes I know and I tried it this way but I cannot see (or hear) a result…


@Dauna Why don’t you start by telling us how you are trying to do it and reverse engineer from there. It is very simple tho. For example, hold amp page button, while holding it, press yes


Yes, when the parameters jump to a new, random value, it may not be much different than the values that were already there. (That’s my experience.)

You should be able to see the values of the parameters change. If you press [PARAMETER] key + [YES] again the parameters will change again.


Press and hold the trig button.
While that is held , press yes

Yin you press some buttons twice , to get to 2nd page of parameters , then hold that button and press yes at the same time those will also change.

Keep the button pressed and repeatedly hit yes at the same time and it’ll change again.
On a recent beta some of the switches didn’t change (I haven’t tried recently to see if this was updated ), but you should definitely see lots of things change.


Ah thanks, I will try it again. I did it always with pressing the single encoder knobs on the specific parameter page. But the parameter KEYS is now clear to me.
Thank you


It’s for the entire page , not an individual parameter.
So yes , take note if the manual says encoder or key I guess.


Also (in my experiance), the randomizer is only randomizing the page you are on. So if you are on SYN1 it will NOT randomize the LFOs. If you want to do that you’ll have to head over to the LFOs and randomize those separately.


Yeah that’s it’s function