How do you record your Elektron machines?

Hi folks,

as the title states, I am wondering, how your recording routine for Elektron machines does look like?

While I have spent quite some time with several Elektron machines, I build up a nice assortment of kits, sounds and patterns. Yet, I have never really arranged full tracks out of these musical bits. Thus, I would like to record the patterns I built on my machines to create loops in my DAW. In the end, I would love to have a loop library of my ideas to rearrange to full tracks.

How would you approach so a project? I would be very happy, if you could share some insights in your recording workflow. Thanks :slight_smile:

I use the blackbox, it’s faster, easier than the daw. Choose length, hit record, done.


Which Elektrons do you have? Personally, the multitracking of Overbridge is unbeatable for getting stuff recorded into a DAW where it can be arranged, effected and mastered more effectively than in the box itself Even with non-OB Elektrons like the OT, I like to send individually soloed tracks from it into a DAW via an OB Elektron (for perfect timing and crystal clear recordings with plenty of headroom). Occasionally, though, I have just recorded entire tracks live out of the OT straight to a stereo file. Sometimes it just feels right to do it that way. More spontaneous.


Oh yes, good point: I currently own the Analog Rytm Mk1, Analog Four Mk1, Digitone and Machinedrum Mk1.


@craig Sorry for my dumb question, but what do you mean with ’ I like to send individually soloed tracks from it into a DAW via an OB Elektron’?

Not dumb at all :slight_smile: But in my case currently, I solo tracks in the OT, send the main outs into DN’s inputs and record each OT track that way (all DN internal tracks muted of course). Also I have midi clock and transport being sent from DN to OT. In this way, hitting play on Ableton Live starts both the DN and OT bang on time each and every time. Obviously it takes several passes to get everything into the DAW, muting and unmuting whichever tracks I want soloed with each new pass. Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Plenty of OB boxes in there! Check it out. It’s really good for multitracking your songs :slight_smile:

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I record a stereo mix from my mixer into a Tascam DR05. Or very very rarely, I will multi track into ableton, my interface has 20 inputs, so I can record everything in one take. (Havent done that for a couple of years at least)

I prefer the sound of the mixer recordings. Multi tracking allows for editing the individual tracks.

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Ot = 4 ch (usually 2 stereo ch)
Mnm = 6 ch (usually 3 stereo ch)
Md = 6 ch (usually all mono ch)

= 16 ch => 16 ch interface => daw

For you, I would recommend routing Audio from the MD mains to the A4 for live FX processing, and route the headphones from stereo to split mono into the DT for sampling.

Then just plug in the AR, A4, and DN to your computer via USB. Use Overbridge to record the main outs into your DAW(Breaking off any individual tracks that you want to apply different fx to)

Elektron -> MOTU -> DAW
Elektron -> Tascam Portastudio

So for the synths, I have the Minilogue xd going into the Digitone input, then output them into the OT in one pair of inputs. For the drums I have the Analog Rytm going into the second pair of inputs. I do the final mix in the OT and the outputs go to the Analog Heat as a sound card. I use that one also as a plugin to add color and movement to the sound along other VSTs in Logic Pro X.

So it is mainly a performance setup, but I love the spontaneous part of it.

I use a sound card (Fireface). my music workstation won’t run OB so I can’t use that. I generally write everything with hardware until I have a loose arrangement down. then I’ll record everything individually and do final arrangement inside the DAW. it’s more tedious but it’s nice to have more control.

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Thank you all for your answers so far!

As Overbridge is mentioned, one question as I never have used it: Do you consider OB to me more convenient than just directly recording Audio outputs?

I just have a Digitakt and a scarlett soundcard, I prefere to record the stereo output of the digitakt into the soundcard to the DAW than using Overbridge.
Overbridge track out don’t get the FX sends and the compressor setting.
I find the sound coming from analog out into the preamp of the scarlett more punchy than the sound from USB.
So yeah, it’s old school, I mute tracks and record loops one by one to make the final arrangement in the DAW.
Your idea to record all your beats and loops into some wav and putting thing toghether sound very cool.


I record A4 and Digitone via USB and overbridge, as well as the OT via the external inputs of the digitone.
Sometimes I multitrack A4 or DN but most of the time I just record each track one after the other.
I could not find any recognizable difference between USB recording vs audio outputs.
Maybe if you have a mixer that adds color or something it would make a difference, but at least not on my interface.


Have all my hardware synths (Volcas, MicroFreak, MiniNova and Deepmind) summed through a Mackie 1402.
Main OUT to MOTU into DAW.
I could not be bothered with OB as I usually proceed with recording track by track.
Have Reaper as clock master and every piece of hardware synced (slaved) to it: when I hit PLAY on Reaper, it all syncs so recording is bang on :slight_smile:
I would not mind multitracking but not through OB, I would rather go track by track at this stage and pull each recorded track to send back to my MODEL1 for extra instant mastering with the drive on each channel.

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I record the mains of all my boxes and try to get critical tracks like kick and bass (for mixing) on sperate outputs (analog Rytm and analog keys)

Thanks, @craig

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