How do you record live a Synth and Looper onto a Zoom H5


What i want to do is save the entire track as im playing live but would prefer to connect via cables rather than use the zoom h5 mic. Do i need a mixer to do this?

Ps its a pigtronix infinity looper and a minilogue synth.


The H5 can record up to 4 channels at once. So, yes, you can (without a mixer).

There are two XLR/TRS-inputs on the bottom end of the H5. The mic capsule XYH-5 comes with MIC/LINE IN stereo mini jack in on its side. So without buying additional stuff you should be able to record 4 mono line ins.

If you want to use XLR/TRS-inputs instead of the stereo mini jack, you can also buy the EXH-6 accessory which replaces the standard capsule with 2 XLR/TRS-inputs.


So just connect the synth and looper seperately to the zoom.

As there will be two loops running independently maybe one with ageing does that still work.?