How do you connect MS with a teenage engineering pocket operator

Hey fellow elektronauts,

Does anybody have an idea with how to connect a MS with a pocket operator from teenga engineering? should I use MIDI IN or OUT? Hope somebody can answer my question.


I dong think this is possible without some sort of piece of equipment in between.

Keen to hear people’s suggestions however

Yes you’d need a go-between. Something like a Keystep or SQ-1. If you are on iOS you could get your MS synched with an Ableton Link enabled app and then use Korg SyncKontrol app on yet another iOS device with audio out to the PO sync in.

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pocket operator doesnt have midi , just a clock sync .
you can possibly use a korg volca device as it has midi In and clock out

youtube should be able to help

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folk do stuff like this with a raspberry PI too ( +1 for Arturia korg solutions (inc modded Monotribe))

you could also use an Axoloti or arduino if inclined

I did manage to sample the PO clock sync pulse with a volca sample once. Dialing in the right output level was tricky, but it sorta worked. So if you dont mind running your model:samples in mono, sample the PO clock pulse into it and use one of the outputs for sending it into PO’s sync input. Obviously you will also lose one track from the M:S this way.

Can’t remember anymore how often to trig the pulse sample, you need to experiment… It might have been one pulse per eight note?

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This is where I think Elektron really missed a trick by not equipping the MS with an analogue sync out or being able to breakout the midi to din sync with variable clock divisions (it’s already on the mini jack, a stereo breakout with clock and run would be amazing!) - it’s aimed at beginners and a lot of us/them would have smaller music machines that’s not always equipped with MIDI. :frowning:

Agreed. the sync i/o on the Modal SKULPT was a big selling point for me, and I rely on it for being able to include it in my mini-setups.