How do I save a tweaked sound-locked sound?

Is it possible to save/export a sound I’ve just edited that isn’t the track sound, but a sound locked sound?

In other words - directly export from a sound lock trig into the sound manager (either saving the preset or loading into sound pool).


That’d be great. I wish it since a few years for all Elektrons using Soundpool.

Hold a trig, turn Level knob, choose a free Soundpool slot, or prompt for overwriting, Done.
Seems doable.


So it’s not yet possible?

It’s possible to ask Elektron

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ha! I’ll do it.

If the sound is the active sound any changes you make can be saved as a sound…
So if you lock all the sounds as you go you can always save the active sound…
I’ve started doing this and you can create a variation lock it, repeat etc…
A way to simply save a step as a lock would be nice though.

Yeah I think I’ve managed to save an active sound (which is the track sound, isn’t it?).
But it’s the sound-locks that I’ve tweaked (hitting trig+YES to hear it as I tweak) that I want to be able to save and recall elsewhere.

Yes I understand what you mean… you can kind of do it as I explained but in a different way .
If you save the active sound, then lock that to the steps it’s already in,
If you adjust the the active sound again (the new step you want to tweak and press trig preview etc) you can save that lock that step, now you can adjust the active sound again and so on etc…

if all the sounds are locked you can just select the sound you want to adjust make that active,
Then you can tweak it and save it again…

It’s not exactly what you are asking for and @sezare56 feature request would be easier…
but it’s a way to save different sounds and steps on the same track that you can recall elsewhere as you want


sorry to sound dumb, but how do you make a sound that’s locked to a trig ‘active’? By that you mean make it the main track sound, right?