How do I program a note-off trig

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I recently played around with single cycle waveforms on the Octatrack and stumbled upon this:

When recording melodies in chromatic mode, the sequencer records p-locked pitch trigs, which is fine, but forgets to set "note off"s for my notes. After some research in this forum, it looks like there still is no way to enable this?

But okay, let’s just accept the fact that I have to put the note off trigs myself … which leads me to the next question, how do I do this?

I see that in the AMP page, there are parameters for Attack, Hold and Release. Since I would like to use Attack and Release, p-locking the Volume to 0 wouldn’t be an option. Is there again something I overlooked? Please help.

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Leaving aside the potential issues with midi tracks and certain equipment, in what regard do you believe you need to program note offs ? The note start is recorded and it is assigned a length or records a length, you can vary those lengths, you don’t have note offs to worry about in the context you describe !

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thanks for the fast reply.

In my case, I am not talking about MIDI tracks. This is about the internal sequencer triggering static and flex machines. (I have a single cycle wave loaded which I am looping to play melodies)

When recording the trigs in real time, the length is ignored by the Octatrack.

Look at the AMP page for release/decay and the note page for Len, you should be able to realtime record varying lengths unless I’m mistaken with my better understanding of A4 etc, never really used OT midi mode, but nonetheless, my first reply should help, you don’t program note offs (that issue may prove problematic with certain midi equipment, but shouldn’t apply to you as I said)

Hold and Release are what you want to adjust, I think. If Hold and Release on the AMP page are set to INF, your samples will play back forever. Set Hold and Release to the desired length you’d like to lay down.

I usually play in Slots more with a 1 step hold and about a setting of 10-15 for release. Once my samples are played in, I P-lock the Hold and Release to taste for individual hits.

Hope this helps

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I’m afraid there is a misunderstanding.

I am not in MIDI mode, so there is no note-page available. All I have is the sample trigs and the note behavior that is defined by the AMP page.

On the Monomachine, I have to crank up the HOLD to maximum and use Note-Off-Trigs to trigger the Release-Phase of the notes. Hold-values also don’t record in realtime … which is sad.

Just out of curiousness: does the A4 record lengths in the internal sequencer when using the mini keyboard? I have a slowly growing GAS regarding the A4 and these little details really speed up my need to buy one :slight_smile:

Also … since you can play the notes in realtime with the correct length on Monomachine and Octatrack, I don’t understand how this couldn’t be implemented into the internal sequencer on firmware side. I mean, I can HEAR that the machines do it right while playing, it just doesn’t transfer into the sequencer.

Elektron software developers achieved the wildest sound sculpting tools imaginable, but fail to implement the recording of trigger state data? come on :joy:

The Octatrack works like a synthesizer, it records a gate signal (trig) which activates the envelope. This is what sets the length of the note.
Dont dis your gear until you master him. And, RTFM.
Hope this helps. :+1:

I fail to understand the problem here, the solution is all over above my reply …

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In MIDI-Mode, when recording trigs live, the Octatrack automatically p-locks the recorded notes with the length according to the duration the trig button was held.

In nonMidi-Mode, the Octatrack doesn’t do that, so I have to manually go into the sequencer and p-lock the hold-values for each recorded trig myself, which defeats the purpose of live recording imho …

I see, you have to p-lock the len value or you can also copy one note with the correct len parameter and paste it then change the note value.

But i didn’t see it as a problem, because the Octatrack can’t guess the note length anyway if not in midi mode as you say, so i always set it up afterwards.

The OT works with triggers that aren’t keys, so how can it be possible to set the len for each note without live recording and using the triggers as keys, chromatically ?

As you say … apparently the device is capable of assigning the measured length correctly.
And setting it afterwards is something that is of course possible, but also redundant and therefore a workflow-killer for me.

The OT works with triggers that aren’t keys, so how can it be possible to set the len for each note without live recording and using the triggers as keys, chromatically ?

Sorry I can’t follow you here. What do you mean?

Still not in front of OT but it’s no problem with A4 during realtime recording fwiw

Hmm, my bad, no recording of hold length when Len =time ! Oh well, never tried b4 but it’s no go so far as I can tell

Thank you, I’m glad to read that! :+1:

I play another note to stop the note that is played. When I’m done recording I give this extra note a HOLD and RELEASE value of zero. This way the extra muted note acts as a “note stopper”.


I guess you make it trigless?

I used a midi processing workaround :
I map incoming midi Notes Off to HOLD CC23, with value 0.

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