How can I transpose a pattern and save it to another pattern?

When you change a parameter (*)on a track in one pattern, all other pattern, that use the same part will also have that parameter changed on this track.

*All parameters on machines and effects, all midi parameters including midi channel, program change, cc assignments.

Parts can be compared to kits on other Elektrons, but OT only has 4 parts per bank of 16 patterns, on other Elektrons you can assign a kit to every single pattern, if you’d want that.

Maybe we could help you better if you gave more details what exactly you want to do?

On Analog 4, when I hit transpose, it transposes the entire pattern of all tracks. Why couldn’t they do the same thing with octatrack, that seems so basic. To make an actual full song is my goal.

I understand that parts are like Kits, just trying to figure out how to shift/transpose/modulate the entire Part, not just a single track. Just need to study the OT manual on PARTS I guess.

A4 and Rytm came after OT, Elektron introduced new features, refined old ones and will continue to do so.

You can do that with scenes. Use square wave lfo like @sezare56 described and copy the lfo settings to all tracks, that you want to transpose.
Use scene to control lfos on all tracks simultaneously.
The crossfader becomes your transposition control.

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Will try Scenes… I think that working with Scenes and Parts may be the missing piece for me to fully understanding the OT. Ok, How do I copy the LFO settings to all tracks, without changing other settings, and sounds on the tracks?

Hold lfo button and press rec to copy. Go to the next track, hold lfo button and press stop to paste.

You can also copy playback page, amp page, fx, scenes, lfo designer waves etc.


awesome. will try this.


Btw, in the part menu, you can press [Function] + [Bank] to open the parts edit menu where you can save parts, but also rename and while this menu is open [Function] + [Rec] copies the highlighted part, [Function] + [Stop] pastes to a new location.

Here’s a list of button combinations as pdf download

Here’s the polished versions of Merlins guide. Great guide for OT starters.

This is the original version.

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Thanks for the links, etc.
Never realized how powerful the LFO’s are, haven’t worked with them much to this point.
Transposing is done in a different way than I am used to, much more surgical on OT.

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Starting to get Parts a bit better. But how does the LFO as a Square, Speed and Trig effect/change/determine the Transposition? trying to understand why the LFO causes this…

Look at the square wave; one half of the waveform is basically a flat line and the other half is also a flat line, but offset.

So a square wave with speed zero means it’s static, the lfo won’t ever reach the other half of the waveform so it is essentially offsetting the modulation target by the modulation depth.
We use the “flat line” to “move” the modulation target.

The amount of modulation depth dialed in determines how much the target is offset.

Same as normal lfo modulation, but with static waveform.

The way lfos work in the Octatrack, we only have positive lfo depth available - Analog 4/Keys/Rytm/DT/DN offer positive and negative lfo depth - but OT has inverted waveforms, that are used for negative modulation depths, so if you wanted to pitch down, you’d use the inverted square.


thanks, awesome, I am starting to grasp the concept of the LFO.

Lfo on pitch depth 5 corresponds to 1 semitone.


Thanks Sezare!

I have another question: maybe not directly related (I don’t know) to LFOs on OT. I started a new project, and have 4-different samples(loops) on flex tracks 1 to 4.
I did 4 patterns, one with each different single sample track playing:
(Pattern1 has trk1 sample, Patrn2 has Trk 2 sample, etc.). But when I go to play pattern 2, which has sample 2 on track 2, I am still hearing sample 1/track 1 playingI dont see any trigs for track one on, and all the patterns 1 thru 4 are set on Part 1… Any ideas why I am hearing the track 1 playing, on pattern 2? I dont have them set to INF in the pitch, and the LFOs are down, I’m not sure if I had the samples set to Loop or not…

my kick drum has fallen noticeably out of sync with my sample loop track havent changed anything that I’m aware of … whats going on ?

Chances are you did…

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Too long sample, or looped.
You can set sample duration in steps with AMP HOLD. RELease is added.

You can use this to stop samples from a previous pattern :


thanks Sez, will try tomorrow.