How are people liking the Model: Samples?

…for me, it adds mpc skills into the elektron world…and that’s a combo that does ALL the trick for me…

against all odds it’s pretty solid, end of the day, has a pretty small footprint and soundwise, it’s a truu elektron machine…but not for the nerds this time…this time for everybody else…

and until now, the elektron user bunch was pretty solid while snobby…model:samples opens up to new users…
so, for the moment it might stay a bit quiet here…beside the fact, that this new machine just does’nt need that much forum help, 'cause for a swedish box, it’s pretty self explaining this time…


I find it to be quite a serene and lovely instrument. I don’t think it’s limited, in what it sets out to do. And it gets the important stuff right.


I’m not interested in it, because I have an OT MK2, DT and OP-Z. I find the knob per function ethos tempting, but in terms of functionality there is too much overlap with what I have already. Also, I find it too expensive for what it sets out to do.


Model Samples is their best product since Machindrum/Monomachine . I like it much more than the black boxes and large MK2 machines.
I hope they will release more in the model series


What you said.

Bought the Digitakt twice and couldn’t get into it. Am absolutely loving the M:S so far, but have been sticking to the factory sounds and a few soundpacks. Next week’s mission is to see how things go with my own samples, and that will likely be what determines my feeling overall.

Never thought I’d like a sampler that didn’t actually sample!


I was on the Takt twice, too. Made some stuff with it that went into production, but never grew to like it, all the same.

Reason dictated that I’d give it another go,
seeing as it can do so much more than the Model.

But after a few weeks with the Model now, and trying out the Takt again, it just felt really awkward. Even more so, now that there’s an
option with a clearly different workflow.

I imagine 16 steps straight across versus 2 rows of 8 makes a difference in how a person approaches a machine


Very much so.

It does make a huge difference. I actually find the 8x2 layout more intuitive. Funny how everyone sees things differently.


I much prefer the 16 buttons in a row, it’s one of the things that first attracted me to the M:S. I just really, really like the layout and form factor.

Here’s my mimilast “on the road” setup, ready for a work trip to Belarus.


…where are ur stickers, man?

don’t forget to paint this blank canvas…only good reason for giving it out in this ugly white finish…
u can’t move to belarus without giving it ur personal touch before, can u…


Yeah, I took out the sticker sheet the other evening, but I wasn’t inspired. No numbers or punctuation on it, so I can’t even do a -23. I actually really like the white finish.

I did mock this up in Photoshop for some smart reply to a Facebook post…


Care to share what usb lead you’re using? Keep meaning to get one of those.

I myself am a 4x4 guy, who doesn’t have much interest in step sequencing, probably the least likely candidate for Elektron devices, but here I am.


…well, those given along stickers are nothing but an invitation…
…go beyond…no matter if u like the finish the way it comes…sure u got something to add…

and i dig ur mk3 joke…there u go…

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I happened to find a USB to 3.5 × 1.35 mm barrel jack lead in my big box of junk. I have no idea what it originally came with. It pays to never throw anything out. Works a treat.


I think you’re right, but also having the 16 Step buttons separate from the Track pads is nice. It seems like a a small detail but for some reason that really bothered me on the Digitakt (sharing two functions on those buttons).

The only thing I truly miss is more Envelope control (especially Attack).


For those that own both Digitakt and Model Samples, are there any sound quality differences between them? I’d be interested to know if there’s anything different going on under the hood.

Best joke on the internet. Top :slight_smile:

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