Home Audio: Sonos vs Pro Audio vs Teufel vs?


Looking to get some sound working in our new living room. My wife’s only wish is no cables …
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So I ended up rather fast at the sites from Sonos, Teufel and Pro Audio.

Some users or ex users with feedback?




I belive there are wireless dynaudio active speakers!


Nice, a tad pricey though :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain::money_with_wings:


Libratone zipp?


Until now Sonos Play 5 is leading my selection. The room is big and high, so thinking the Sonos way starting with the 5 is good. It has to be really easy to use! I feel (review based) that Sonos is ahead in usability (could be wrong never used wireless speakers before) … my wife is a non tech-y extreme.

The drumfire is also listed high,… but as we have a toddler and maybe more offspring will come I want the floors as empty as possible.


I have a whole load of Sonos’ in the house including the 5, 1, playbar and sub. Incredibly easy to set up and use and they do sound great. The 5 in particular is a standout.

In one room I have some Monitor Audio RS6’s hooked up to an amp and I think I prefer the 5 in all honesty. Got a great deal on it a year or so back too.

One thing to be aware of. I tried to use the 5 as a temporary speaker solution when I had mates round to do some music. Picture a dining table with synths and shit on there along with the 5 hooked up by line in. Even the line in has lag. It’s enough to be unplayable “live” the way I intended. Sure I read it was something like 30ms of a lag. Anyway, that is a pretty rare use case but thought I’d mention it!


I use a Play:5 and two older Play:1’s around the house and I can only second @J0n35y’s statement. I’m not particularly fond of the Sonos IOS app, but that’s pretty much history since Play:5 got AirPlay2.



Ok, that seals the deal and closes the case.


I have a handful of Sonos Play 1s in the kitchen and the Connect box, hooked up to my main hifi amp over coaxial in the living space. The Play 1s sound fantastic in a stereo pair, easily fill a 5x7m room with deep, wide sound. Real pleasure to listen to. We have an open plan (ish) kitchen/living space thing going on and being able to walk between both rooms and have great sound in both, seamlessly, is bliss.

All hooked up to Alexa/Spotify so my 4 year old can play the Trolls soundtrack / Katy Perry / Jingle Bell Rock / every fkin moment of the day. If that’s not non-techy friendly…I don’t know what is.

I don’t have any problems with the app. Feels like it could be improved but I can’t really say how. Most of the time I just use the Spotify app as it can ‘see’ the Sonos network and connect to individual or grouped rooms.

Otherwise I use the Sonos app for Mixcloud or SoundCloud. I shout at Alexa if I want to listen to the radio and she plays it if it’s on Tunein.

Had it all for nearly 5 years now, I don’t think it’s ever fallen over once…unless the internet’s gone down or something.



Yes, thanks for that one. I will have the little 8010 Genelecs for that use case (also to take along to our looong vacations in Greece), first serving the missus and sunny boy with the 5 + the 1 as a first satellite. There goes a chunk of gear cash. :joy: :balance_scale:

I don’t use Spotify. We opted for a Google Music account: includes add free YT, a bliss✨ !


I Have a pair of sonos play ones set up as stereo pair in my room, looking to get rid of them. You are limited to what the Sonos app gives. You basically have a middleman in between your music source, that may or may not allow you to send what you want to them. I think the app is getting better, apparently you can airplay now off of an iPhone. But, I couldn’t get it to work… didn’t try to hard, but I did follow the directions and tried to troubleshoot with some internet searches, meh.

Bluetooth speaker more direct less hassles, IMO. Unless you want to play/control music in a room you aren’t in… … …for some reason.

Sonos app can be a little buggy, it’s not bad I’d rate it about 95% of a direct blue tooth connection. But when that 5% “no worky” kicks in, annoying!


Totally rate Sonos and currently have Plays 1s, Playbar and Beam. All work flawlessly and get used every day with a variety of sources, primarily Spotify and Soundcloud.

I think the combination of sound quality, usability and connectivity hit the mark for me and my family. The Beam is particularly awesome; being able to control the tv, volume and song selection by voice becomes the norm and genuinely makes life easier.

I’d highly recommend joining the Sonos Beta Community too, if you take the plunge. You get to try out new software and sometimes even get sent experimental hardware under NDA!