Hi, im ylva and im making a youtube album using mainly elektron boxes


been an observer since a while now but i starting to feel that im ready to join the party!
heres one of my recent stuff using the OT and the DTN

What Are You Listening To Lately

I really love your gloves.
Kidding, your sound is pretty cool, keep updating this thread with your new tracks :slight_smile:


thank you so much!
here is another one from last week, im using the teensy to send 4 x modulation wheel to the DTN (via raspberry pi since the din input was occupied by the OT) and fake the performance mode that i miss so much


That is pretty fucking cool!
Who is on drums, DN or OT? And I too really dig those gloves…
Keep em coming!


thank you! i made 5 so far, the OT is doing te drums / samples and the dtn the melodic parts




love the melodix in that one :ok_hand:t3:


These are exceptionally good



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Good stuff!




excellent showcase of the OT and DN, well done


yes very nice! subbed






Very cool!


Love it! Keep them coming.


thank you all so much for the super encouraging responses, it travels a long way! did not see this one coming…
here is another one i did with the OT alone


Exceptional work! Love the vocal samples and melodies. Beautiful and moving, really hit me in the feels on “The Ballad of the Lonesome Influencer”