Help with OT as FX Processor


The manual isn’t making sense to me. I want to send audio from external sources (live 10 via sound card) in and out of the OT while using the OT’s effects in real time, basically like a guitar pedal. I guess I’m confused on whether or not that’s even possible without recording the incoming sound first. The manual says to have a thru machine with SRC set to the inputs you want to monitor and the DIR for those input set to 0 but when I do that I cant hear anything at all. Of course when I up the DIR the only thing I can hear is the dry signal coming into the OT.

Here’s the basic chain I want to accomplish:

Daw > OT > Daw + Monitor

Literally like a guitar going into a delay pedal and back out into an amp.


You have to play the thru track manually without running the sequencer or you have to place a trig on your thru track where you want it to allow audio in…


Press the track button(of your thru track) +play. This will let you here the incoming audio.
Another option is to place a trick on the first step of the thru track. And it will automatically start every time you press play. As PTSowns said…


So important yet so simple and so easy to miss in the manual. That’s all it was.