Help with Digitakt and Flstudio Midi


I am trying to set up my digitakt so that FLstudio can control it via midi but I just cannot get it to work. I have set up the Digitakt to receive Midi via USB and set to the tracks to midi channels 2-9. In flstudio, I have added a midi out channel and configured it to use port 1. When setting the channel in the midi out to channel 2, nothing plays if I use the keyboard within flstudio or try and trigger the kick drum that I have on track 1 (which is set to channel 2). I cannot figure out for the life of me what I am doing wrong. If anyone has any suggestions please help! I have bene trying to get this sorted out on and off all day!



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…so, u wanna use the takt as an external sound device only?
sure u wanna take that road?
i don’t see any advantage here…fl has lot’s of nice presets to adress fast and simple…
why bothering the takt if u don’t wanna run it’s own sequencer…?
try using the hardware approach right in front of u…that’s what makes the essential difference to the common computer workflow…

sorry for beeing no big help to ur question in first place, but it never occured to me, using the takt as an external sound expander via midi…beside the fact that fl is no good choice for trying to let it speak midi to external devices via usb…u might consider a dedicated midi interface for that or get an audio interface, that can talk midi, too…

or get ob running in fl as a plugin…heard that some people made that work somehow…

Check out these videos, maybe they will be helpful.

This one is by @Eaves
FL Studio + Digitakt workflow tutorial (and demo)

And this one by @Gino
Youtube Test - Digitakt + FL Studio + Total Recall

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Thanks for the reply. I have a Kenton midi interface as well and that’s not working either in conjunction with my baby face pro. The reason I ask is because I wanted to trigger just one sample on the digitakt here and there in an flstudio song and then manipulate it using the digitakt. I understand that the digitakt has 64 steps which whilst I could use, doesn’t work for songs where I have vst synths or recorded guitar parts on. It needs to be sequenced in songs over 64 steps in length. 64 steps and 1gb ram isn’t enough for me for these things. I realise yes, there are creative geniuses who can push the digitakt past this limit and play entire sets with the box but I just wanted some other options as well.

Thanks, I will check out those.