Help updating machinedrum to x.08 firmware

I am having trouble updating my machinedrum SPS-1uw+ to the newest firmware I am currently using 1.63, I’m using c6 software and the elektron TM-1 midi interface. I have tried all combinations midi out of the interface to midi in on MD and vise-versa.
I have even tried creating a midi loop going back into the interface from MDvand still nothing.
Not totally confidant if my c6 settings are correct iv left the default settings.

Please let me know what I am doing wrong would love to get some of the features on this new firmware!

are you going to the early start up mode on the MD itself? like holding the function button when you turn it on, then into midi upgrade?

yes i am i should have specified!

I throw the sysx file into c6 and hit send a green bar starts loading and either disappears or partially loads and then stops. I give it what feels like enough time… maybe im being impatient. does it take over an hour?

I’ve found it not very reliable at 10x speed (if thats what u have c6 set to). if i dropped to 6x it worked fine. Progress is shown on the MD with the step and instrument LEDs

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iv got the “negotiate” in the turbo setting on MD on X1 and in c6 set to X1. its still not working. Im going midi out of the tm-1 into midi in on MD.

iv tried setting them both to 6.7 and it seems like nothing is happening

Got my MD a couple of weeks back and it was a bit of a hassle to update too. At the end what worked for me was connecting the MD to my interface’s Midi In and Out instead of using the TM-1.

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Had no problem to update with a Roland UM1 midi interface, C6, turbo off, negotiate X1.

-Is X08 stable and newest alt fw today ? If not, what are known bugs ?
-Could my +drive files possibly get messed up if i try to update to this x08 ? I cant find any info .
-Also, if i want, can i downgrade back to fw 1.62 ??

Thankyou for any help. I have found it quite tedious to find answers to such basic questions and have run out of time…The info is spread all over…

  1. yes
  2. no. but best safe practise, on any device, is always do a full back up before any upgrades, especially if it’s years worth of work…
  3. yes
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Does anybody know if it’s possible to get snapshots that were made on x.08 to work on 1.62 ? I want to load to last official firmware, but I don’t want my snapshots to stop working. If anybody has gotten that to work, please let me know.

Thankyou, i got x08 loaded and so far its working.

Where is the manual for using x08 ???
What is “MCL/MDX mean ???
I do not and will not have a megacommand or whatever its called…
This is all so confusing !
Im seriously missing so much info on this….
Does x08 contain everything from the previous unofficial releases ? So i need to read all the info for every version ???
I tried reading changelog but its just filled with gibberish to me.
Is there anywhere to see a complete list of new added functionality and how to use it ???
Even this thread title doesnt make sense because most of the 800+ pages are about other versions…

The documentation is in the text file that you would have downloaded with the firmware file.

You can find more material elsewhere on Elektronauts:

MCL is MegaCommand Live (firmware for MegaCommand hardware)
MDX is MachineDrum firmware X


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Thank you very much Peter ! I just have not had time yet to read through the 800+ pages of this thread yet, so very much appreciated.

ALSO: big shout out to the people who put all this work into the X firmwares !!!
Very cool. Hopefully one day i will be able to find and afford a megacomand.
Until then will be great checking out x08 without it !