Help need the file to unlock Digipro mng for the MkII

Hello everyone,

I’m new to the forum and in the Elektron world. I bought a monomachine MkII about 2 weeks ago and i have to say i love the “Machine” world.
But my MnM MKII don’t have the Digipro mng option at all, even after a firmware update, and i’d like to explore this feature.

same problem in this thread : Hello & Help

I wrote a ticket to Elektron 2 days ago for the .sys file, still no answers. I don’t understand why they don’t have it in the download section, a mystery.

Can a generous Elektronaut email me / PM me the famous files to unlock this ?

Sincerely yours

this is news to me that it’s “locked.” are you sure you did the latest firmware update and that it’s been installed fully (verify on boot screen)? did you try a full reset (if there is such a thing, I forget…)?

Elektron Support is quite good, I’m sure they’ll help you out. just might need some patience…

That forum page you linked to mentions the Digipro unlocker is available in the files of this site, have you checked? Two days isn’t a long time to wait for support by the way, especially with a company the size of Elektron and during a pandemic.

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as @Claid said:

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Whoa ! I don’t know what to say but a big Thank you !

First : problem solved !
The sys file mentioned did the trick ! I didn’t know where to find it, or used the right keyword, maybe i’m blind :wink:

To clarify :
Yes, i flashed the last firmware ( 1.32b) my machine was in 1.10c if i remember correctly. The term “locked” wasn’t right maybe, DDRW and DENS didn’t show on the DPRO menu and no waveform appears when a boot the MnM. With that, it didn’t have the DIGIPRO MGR option in the global settings submenu FILE, i knew something was off in my machine.

It wasn’t my intention to badmouth Elektron at all. :blush: The problem is known and i’m just surprised they don’t give the file on the support page right away.

thank you guys for your help !