Help me send pattern change to machinedrum from OT!


hello friends,

I am really having trouble figuring out how to change patterns on my MD from my OT. optimally, I’d like to switch from pattern a1 > a2 on both devices at same time , only having to touch my OT.

if anyone has any step by step advice, I’d really appreciate it! thanks


You have to enable it on both machines.


OT : Midi > Sync > Prg Change Send checked
Channel = X
MD : Global > Control > Prg Change in = ON
Channel = X


This didn’t work. I am expecting to go from a01-a02 on ot, and a01-a02 on md at same time. changed my settings accordingly, both set to channel 10. no other midi devices are on channel 10. any other ideas?


This is a repeat of the previous advice you received:

Connect a working MIDI cable from the OT’s MIDI Out port to the MD’s MIDI In port.

In the OT’s PROJECT > MIDI > SYNC menu, activate PROG CH SEND and set CHANNEL to your preferred number.

In the MD’s GLOBAL > CONTROL > PRG CHANGE menu, set PRG CHANGE IN to “ON”, and set CHANNEL to match the number you selected on the OT.

If this doesn’t work, make sure that the MD’s GLOBAL > CONTROL > BASE CHANNEL has NOT been set to “–”.

If this doesn’t work, check whether the OT is sending any MIDI messages (notes, clock) from its MIDI Out port.


Thanks for the advice on the base channel, Peter. The reason why I have it set to ‘—‘ is so that my MD doesn’t play my other synths like a midi keyboard… any way to avoid this with the base channel not set to ‘—‘ ?



Are your other synths connected at the same time as the OT and MD? It’s difficult to provide appropriate advice without knowing what setup you are using.


OT is master sequencer.

Its MIDI OUT goes to MIDI IN of MD, right now only sending clock (no CC, which I don’t care about, but also no Prg./Patt. Chg, which I do).

MIDI THRU comes out of MD and into MS2K MIDI IN (Ch. 2-3).

MS2K MIDI THRU comes out of MS2K and into MIDI IN of DSI Evolver (Ch. 5).


Set the MD’s BASE CHANNEL number to something that does not conflict with your other synths, like “13-16”.

On the OT, set the channel numbers for the audio tracks and MIDI sequencer tracks as appropriate. You can also set both AUDIO CC OUT and AUDIO NOTE OUT to “ INT” in the GLOBAL > MIDI > CONTROL menu.