HELP: How to perform One-Shot Trigs on multiple long samples?

I’m using 6 long loop samples (20 seconds) which makes up an entire track - each sample is loaded onto a separate static machine. Each of these 6 loops are organized such as: T1: kick, T2: bass, T3: hats 1, T4: hats 2, T5: clap, T6: pad

What i want to do is have them start at the exact time and have them play and loop continuously in time for 5 minutes while I mess with muting/unmuting tracks, messing with FX and scenes within each track.

Here’s my problem:
After triggering all 6 loops, I can’t turn off all the trigs before the loop repeats. It’s a 132 BPM track so it goes through the 16 sequencer steps quite fast and I only manage to turn off the trig in T1-T3 of the tracks by the time it reaches the end of the loop and starts over again. So by the time I’m able to turn off the trigs on the remaining 3-4 tracks, everything is out of sync. Surely there’s got to be a better way? :sweat:

Have you messed with trig conditions yet? Depending on what needs to happen after the 5 minutes, the “1st” condition might do what you want, but one shot trigs would also do the job.


Arm all, depending on the setting it’s either yes or function + yes, when the record button is not lit.

…er, u named it already…the one shot trig is ur friend…arm and disarm, as mentioned here before is all u need…

once armed, all loops start running…and won’t be retrigged as long u don’t rearm them again…

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Thanks I figured it out. I was just hitting FUNC + trig rather than trig first then FUNC + trig again. I haven’t used the OT in a long time so forgetting some basic stuff… :-/


…ah, i see…wanted a one shot trig but stucked with a trigless trig that wanted to be a truu trig for once…
aaargh, all these different trig tricks in this pandora’s sonic box…

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