Help! Digitakt [PLAY] clips MIDI Ultranova synth patch

I’m stumped. I’ve gone through all the MIDI menus and settings, and cannot figure this out. Looking for help from a MIDI guru.

I’ve got a simple bass line recorded on MIDI track A (9) and it’s triggering a bass patch on my Novation Ultranova. Everything sounds great. But then if I press [STOP] and then [PLAY], the Digitakt beat starts up, but now the Ultranova sound is “clipped” — nothing comes out but a little “tic” sound. And a * appears next to the Ultranova patch name (patch “A005” becomes “A005*”)

To make the synth play again, I change the patch to the next patch and then back again.

I have a feeling there is some program change or CC change trigger being sent by the Digitakt when I press [STOP] or [PLAY] but I cannot find it.

  • I disabled the CC channels on MIDI track A
  • Both are set to MIDI Ch 1

This may be an Ultranova problem, I know, but you guys are smart. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Maybe MIDI Channel 1 is also set on track 1 as by default. Check midi-settings -> channels

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Had exactly the same issue triggering MiniNova, MicroFreak and Deepmind 12.
Solution was to ensure that all midi hardware used has the corresponding bank/patch/program assigned on the midi track.
Works flawlessly now :slight_smile:
Hope it helps,

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Ok, I’m stumped. I thought I had it fixed with the advice above, but I didn’t. Here are the settings.

Everything seems to match. It works until I stop and then hit [play] again. Any other ideas? Thanks!

Try disabling the PB, AT, MW and BC on the DT’s SRC page. I think either PB or AT was the culprit for my setup (bass station II pitch shoots as low as possible causing the clicking). If that makes no diff, do the CC page have encoders enabled? They could be sending values on prog reset

Following, 'cause I seem to have the same issue (with DSI Mopho). I guess I don’t have the same problem with Minilogue XD, Moog Sirin. I’ll try to dive in again this evening.