Hearing loss due to Covid-19

(moved from Octatrack Electro thread, as I didn’t want it to derail)

Not anymore, folks.
All in the past now. :frowning:


Specifically: Big dips at 2khz and 7khz that weren’t there before, and a very odd sensitivity to amplitude at 750-900hz that makes critical work painful.


Wow. Im so sorry for your struggle.
The covid virus can do really nasty things.

Thanks for not giving up, and continuing to make tunes :slight_smile:



That sucks.

Though style is less important than skill, and you have an abundance of both.

Between you and @DaveMech, you might actually get me listening to this dub techno bollocks.


Really sorry to read this. Must be a huge blow. I really hope your hearing will recover.


oh wow I had no idea. I’m so sorry dude. that’s fucking awful. I really hope things turn around for you.

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I remember the instagram post all too well. It was a nutpunch reading it and I can’t imagine how it feels to be living it. Like I said on insta I hope there’s still some potential for further healing and maybe all (your possible future making techno and electro I mean) is not lost. And thank you for linking your Inoperable Data in this thread. I love that one and it’s an exemplary piece of modern electro.


My sympathies man, that really, really sucks. I’ve had pretty bad tinnitus previously (related to some medical stuff) that mostly seems to be gone, so there might be hope for recovery.

Sad to hear this :frowning:

I did lose taste and smell when I first got Covid on my birthday in 2021. It was the weirdest thing I felt in a long time. I’m lucky that it only last 9 days. Now, I just can’t imagine the loss of hearing on certain frequency ranges. I hope you will recover soon @AdamJay.

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It’s better like this.

I had covid last year, very weird things happening to me since then, tastes are getting weird from time to time but several months ago I started noticing I hear right side lower then the left side, it was less noticeable with large headphones like my beyers or sennheisers, but on the airpods it was crystal clear as I listen to a lot of music on the airpods. I thought they were defective but then I’ve noticed it on the big headphones as well… it comes and goes, but I always listen to something mono before anything to see if it’s there.
I also notice some deafening ring come and go, but not sure if that’s covid fault or just too much parties in the past…
anyway, hearing issues are scary as hell as there’s very little you can do to fix them…

one thing is certain, covid sucks, so in the words of Sterling Archer: “Eat a d*ck, Covid”

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I get this too. My sensitivities to different amplitudes are not what they used to be. And it’s definitely not symmetrical. Doctor thinks Covid damaged blood vessels in the inner ear. Audiologist/specialist appointment is still months away.


So sorry to read this. But I like dub techno more than electro, so I’m looking forward to your future work.


Good damn, very sorry to hear that.

Unfortunately I have this as well but wasn’t sure if it had any direct link to covid. First I thought that it was just in my imagination or my speaker/headphones had the wrong settings but I’ve been reading about more people with these problems lately.

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yep I though my airpods are defective, but then i’ve put my beyers and played clear mono sounds and it was definitely my ears, never had this before covid and it’s unlikely that it’s happening for any other reason as during this period I was not exposed to excessive noise anywhere, even when went to boom festival this year I went with good plugs and never took them off near stages…
hope that it’s not permanent but who knows…

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Hey there. Sorry to hear about your hearing issues. This Covid lark is a challenge in so many ways.
FYI, I first got covid really early on (Jan 2020) and then long Covid for about 18 months. My ears suffered badly, being blocked and getting ringing in my ears …. but to give you some hope, I feel that only recently (nearly 3 years later) it feels like they are clearing and sound clearer than I ever remember !
Obvs everybody’s bodies react differently, but it might help to hear a positive outcome after I’d almost given up.
Wishing you well :sparkles:


Unfortunate news. Hoping there is some path to recovery for you.

Ginger helps to make blood more fluid, it can improve tinitus aswell, i have it since a few years, its worth a try, but only helps when done regularly.
Get well soon :slight_smile:


At first I didn’t understand why you would have lost a herring :fish: because of Covid 19 :sweat:
But now I feel sorry for you (and for us listeners).

I lost balance because my left inner ear nerves were damaged or infected a few years ago, and fully recovered only after 6 months. It was hell… But in my case it wasn’t audition related: I can imagine how frustrating and frightening loosing hearing can feel!
I frankly hope your health get better with time!
I’d also go for the nutrition angle and add rest.