Headphone Recommendations?

Hey everyone,

Any recommendations for headphones? Based on sound quality first and foremost! But something that feels comfortable and isn’t too fatiguing on the ears. Need a nice travel companion while I take my machines away for a month, I also need a good pair of reference headphones for the studio so if I can kill two birds with one stone for a reasonable price then that would be great :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!






Thanks Peter, I feel very lazy now for not searching the forums! haha

i am very happy with this one

[li]beyerdynamic dt 770 pro - detailed with a little extra bass. excellent sound isolation which makes them good for on the go except for their size.[/li]
[li]beyerdynamic dt 880 - crystal clean and balanced open backed headphones. great for studio. bad for mobile.[/li]
[li]beyerdynamic dt 1350 - superb sounding portable headphones.[/li]