Has anyone made an OT chain of MnM Bbox machine?

And if not, is this something y’all would be interested in? I was considering doing so tonight. Relistening to Mountain Game by Animal Collective inspired me haha

edit here it is



I would love that! It’s not something I’ve seen around or could find in a couple of minutes of searching, at least not in an easy format.

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Yes, please.


Here ya go–I guess I’ll upload it in the files up top, too. Originally I normalized all the slices in Octachainer but it caused some of them to have weird clicking artifacts…So if you want more gain I guess you’ll have to do it in the audio editor or via the volume in the amp section.

A little low down on MnM Bbox: There are two “kits” per octave, and the default pitch for each kit starts at trig octave 3. I started this chain at trig octave 1, so that means you’re getting one of each kit pitched down an octave (first 24 slices), then you get one of each kit its normal octave (next 24) and one more of the first kit at an octave higher (next 12) so 60 slices total. The reason I did this was because I had a suspicion the way the MnM treats its trig octaves might be different than literally just pitching them up an octave, so I decided to give us more flexibility. But keep in mind the samples are essentially repeating themselves starting at slice 25.

EDIT: I can’t upload it to the files tab at the top because the WAV is too big :frowning: So I hope people find this forum post here.

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Hmm I’m having trouble reversing any of the sounds. Maybe I should go back into my DAW and make the tails a LOT shorter. I’ll do that and reupload here.

Okay guys I edited that post with the new file. I normalized the audio in my DAW (so hopefully no clicking) and I got the files real tight so they can

okay now i don’t know what’s happening because Octachainer doesn’t want to create a .ot file anymore it just makes the wav for me? So the last folder I uploaded doesn’t have an OT file… reverse properly. I’ll edit it into the OP too

One last edit: I turned off the fade out of 2ms on the Octachainer and it stopped bugging out so idk if that’s what it was. But I edited the OP so that file should be fine.


404 Error ?

try again, had to do some stuff

also if you guys encounter any weird problems let me know so I can reupload all over again :wink:

No beuno

I just put it in my OT and it has no sound haha. I have to get going to the gym right now anyway, I’ll try this all again later. Idk if it was user error or Octachainer error but for some reason the WAV file ended up being ten seconds with no sound?

Idk why it’s not working guys…I’m going to upload a folder that has the 60 MnM hits in wav format


If anyone can get this into their Octachainer and working that’d be awesome. Is it because I already normalized the files in my DAW? Is it cause the file names are funny? Is this some kinda bug with the software we already know about? It was all working fine until I decided to make the files a lot shorter (for reversing) and I normalized them at the same time. I gotta get going anyway

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