Happy new gear!


happy new gear eeeveryone! :smile_cat: :champagne:
thinking about getting a new bass guitar as i haven’t had one for a while now…some external FX (pedals maybe?) and lately been thiking about an AH too as i had some good fun with it when i first tried it…that’s all mostly on top of the list :laughing:


And make some Goliaths! I’m still advertising!

I decided to buy the HX Stomp, a Line 6 Helix in a small box. Seems a great little beast, great for bass too. Ordering tomorrow!
@TonyDS it’s cheaper and smaller than the LT!


Dude. Same!



Pure gold RCA / JACKS! :heart_eyes:


nice. love mini skiffs

  • Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S49 MkII
  • Zoom H1N Field Recorder

That’s it (for now); we’ll see if anything takes my fancy, but I’m long past my GAS stage of life; that tempered with being broke and the realization that I don’t actually use any of it (never mind actually writing any songs)

But main priority this year will probably be selling gear to fund other projects, if I choose to go down that path. Maybe. Maybe not. We’ll see…