Happy new gear!


What made you sell and buy the Eloquencer again?


I sold the Eloquencer when I cut down on my euro system and had a vision to sort of use it as an instrument alongside the other synths by controlling it with MIDI (from the Shuttle control module and Ableton Live/Push). I quickly came to regret it, as the system lost the feeling of being self contained, so I could no longer just turn that on and have a jam, so to speak. The Eloquencer is just such a magnificent module, it does so much, is so intuitive to use, and basically just orchestrates the whole thing, so it was stupid letting it go in the first place. Felt like I got the missing link to the system back again when I re-bought it. :slight_smile:


Thinking I might pay off my credit cards and actually make some music instead of buying new gear. But we’ll see :smiley:

Happy new year!


I am afraid to write mine down!


Just need to fill this last 8hp :nerd_face:


I just got a Digitone for my digitakt (love it). I am intrigued by the OT, and I now understand what makes the Analog Heat so special (WANT BAD), but I’m more in need of a Push 2, a nice audio interface, and new speakers.

Going to see what Elektron is showing off this year before I consider the OT any further. Might dive into eurorack as well.


What I want for 2019:

  • Techno system

  • Digitone

  • Peak

  • Medusa

  • Analog Heat

  • Rane Seventy Two

What I’ll end up getting in 2019:

(Renovations are really expensive)


Second hand plan. :wink:
I sold my Mooer GE200 and Boss RC202.
I also would sell a Gretsch Holomatic G5120 I don’t use enough (or I’d buy new pro mics for it).

That was my first choice, wanting a 2nd one in poly chain, and because it would suits very well OT’s width. As I had more money than expected, I may go to something more expensive I won’t be able to afford later.

Second hand is still new for me, not brand new. :slight_smile:


i use mostly discontinued second hand gear myself.
there is a drawback — it’s not that reliable to tour with (for example, what if rare gear-specific power supply suddenly dies?), and oftenly cumbersome.


what I want for 2019:

sell half my gear

integrate Ableton ( hybride setup)

not to buy or given to temptation (resist GAS= square pyramid)


Want new elektron synth unit with 6 tracks!
MnM mkiii!!!


Happy New Year fellow naughts… thank you for a wonderful 2018 :pray:t3:
I wish you all the health and happiness for 2019. And may you continue making some banging music! :metal::heart:


Happy new Fear (of gas for new gear coming out)

I was clicks away from buying Koma Field kit and Field kit Fx with expansions yesterday, but didn’t bought them as I realized it would take me into the modular $$$ world eventually and I’m a hardware addict! So made a very wise decision to keep my money and wait for a Soma Pulsar 23.
Also i’m done with new Elektrons, never going to buy another one, I will only keep on searching for a cheap Monomachine.

2hand wise:
-Ensoniq Fizmo keyboard (on the list for decades, not many exist anymore, ridiculous prices)
-Fostex or Tascam 4 tracker tape or a supernice reel to reel 8 tracker (difficult to find in good conditions)
-any supercheap analog opportunity that crosses my path


2018 acquisitions were bleak until december. It mainly consisted of:

2x Korg ES-1 mkII
Korg Volca FM
Korg Kaoss Pad 3+
Korg Kaoss Mini S2
digdugDIY Purple rain 8-bit FX box
PortaFM plugin

I was close to buying an Akai S950 with that beautiful 6th-order low-pass Butterworth filter. Ended up settling with the RX950 plugin out of convenience until I found the ALM MUM M8 eurorack module.

December acquisitions started with a Moog Grandmother after wanting a Voyager for a while but not really wanting to put in that kind of money into a mono synth. Before the Grandmother came out I was close to buying a Subsequent 37 but the Grandmother what everything I expected and more. Simple layout with complex mod options but rawer sound. It also introduced me to eurorack:

Trogotronic m/420sxv Collier Case
2x Mutable Instruments Braids
Mutable Instruments Plaits
Micromachines Omnimod
Intelijel Metropolis
ALM Akemie´s Taiko
ALM Fizzle Guts
ALM Tangle Quartet
ALM O/A/x2
4x Birdkids EG ADSR
Hexinverter VCNO
Expert Sleepers ES-8
Erica Synths Joystick Controller
Erica Synths A Mix
Erica Synths Output
Erica Synths Mix/Split
Make Noise Rosie
Polyend Poly

January 2019 acquisitions will be:
ALM Akemie´s Castle
ALM SID Guts Deluxe
Winter Modular Eloquencer + expander when released

Later 2019 acquisitions:
ALM sampler
Make Noise Erbe-Verb
XAOC Devices Odessa
Make Noise Morphagene (depending on how the ALM sampler turns out)
another Akemie´s Taiko if the first performs well.

After that the big case will be full so I´m going for a yellow Pelicase 1300 to build a USB powered eurorack lunchbox that will fit the:
Micromachines Omnimod
2x Akemie´s Taiko
Erica Synth Output

…for some portable FM mayhem. YES!!!

Oh, yeah also bought a Chase Bliss Dark World pedal which has an amazing reverb! Sounds like running sounds through Strange Things Upside down world.


sick list


Happy new gear !
Whish you imagination to find new OT contest (and to perform but I have no doubt in you for this achievements #metronomehit)

Best wishes guys :space_invader:


2018 purchases:

  • Elektron Digitone
  • paid off my debt to the music store (lol does this count?)

what i plan to buy in 2019:

  • high quality xlr/combi patchbay 16-32 channels over DSUB
  • zahl eq1 for 500 series


I’m incredibly low on GAS these days. I have high hopes on NAMM then. :-D.


Happy new year!!

First thing before buying anything: getting to know the octatrack far more better.
A micromonsta
Nord drum 2
Novation Circuit (xtra synth and as a controller to play in key)


Subpac M2X delivered New Years Eve. W.O.W.