Happy Friday


nice thread idea!

I’ll probably mess with Autony Unreliable Sequencer on my iPhone on the train ride home. It will be fun to see/hear just how Unreliable it actually is!

Later in the evening after my various duties are done I’ll probably play guitar. Been working on BWV 1002 (Bach Partita in B Minor for solo violin), mostly on guitar and some pieces out of the book Hybrid Picking For Guitar.


GWS! :+1:t2:


What’s the plans here mate? Looks ripe for a hot tub!


My Rytm’s name is Dimitri. We’ll be hanging out tonight : )


Nothing that exotic, I’m mostly focused on clearing it and getting it properly fenced over the next couple of weeks.
I imagine I’ll keep it fairly traditional; patio, lawn, vegetable plot, that sort of thing.


I had hoped to have lunch with a friend today (had the day off), but she got the message late and was therefore unavailable. So I planned to go and grab a load of my stuff from storage, but not sure I really want to (having a serious knee problem right now). Maybe I’ll just chill and work on the year long OT challenge instead. I have yet to begin, and it’s been in the works for nearly a month. Have a good evening all. :v:


Hop to it then!


Tonight I watched Godzilla. And I’ve just been enjoying a beer and wallowing in the afterglow of the big man giving the muto’s a serious talking to… tomorrow I’m hoping to get out on my bike in the morning and then in the afternoon head to salubrious Kilbirnie to see how the Talbot get on.


Already 9:30 Saturday morning here. Doing the laundry. Untangling the Mrs.’ knickers from my jeans has been a challenge. About to hang up a third load to dry. But I get eggs and bacon served at 10am, so it’s worth it.


Your in the future… :grin:
Still 4:50 PM Friday on this side of the ball…
I’m now after my nap franticly packing mics, stands, cables, and things for a ten piece band… :slight_smile: My rides late, and so am I guess, so that works out… :rofl: We’ll pull it through though, for sure…


Watched deep state explanation Videos on YT while i am trying to control my GAS and NOT purchase that damn cheap 50% offer from Novation for Mono Station…


On the back nine of a huge project, cheers!


And putn the finishing touch on a stand for the AnalogRytm, which I started last weekend


Friday is always jam night, so that’s what the boys and I are going to be doing until the wee hours!



I laid down some violin melodies with my new bought Seaboard Rise on a track that I am working on and I love that thing!

The possibility to be more expressive when you play is truly a game changer for me. I will buy the 49 key version in the future but it’s a shame that it’s so damn expensive though.