Happy Friday


I’m going to work on some ambient sounds/ field recordings that I’m putting together for a pen & paper RPG I’m creating for some friends.

What about you?

Whatever it is, have a good evening!


In the final stages of having my bathroom fitted, and the shower is now ready to go. So I shall be having a MF shower tonight, for the first time in six months!!!

It also has this mirror which as well as led lights and a heating pad to prevent misting, also has Bluetooth speakers, so I intend to download some podcasts and relax in the bath.

Music wise, I shall be continuing my love affair with the OT, Rytm and a4 and working on another commissioned remix.


Chilling with a couple of beers tonight before ripping nature a new asshole in my back garden tomorrow.

I’m hoping that I’ll get enough done tomorrow to make a bit of time Sunday to work on my latest 200bpm embarrassment.


Packing for a trip to Portland tomorrow. Where I’ll be taking my Tascam and enjoying some hiking and waterfalls. Well assuming I don’t forget.

Well I plan on recording mutiple things such as the flight and other random stuff as well.


If you listen to 200 bpm music, maybe you’ll work faster?

Yesterday was my birthday (39th!), so I’m planning on having a few cold ones while working on some Digitone / Octatrack projects. The trick is to turn on the Elektron device as soon as / before hitting the couch, or else its comfy grasp will gently pull me to sleep-land…


I do but it doesn’t make me much faster.
Happy birthday.


I’m hoping to squeeze a nap in before heading into the mountains in Tuckee Ca to run sound for “Bicicletas Por La Paz” at the Alibi Brewery… :slight_smile: Should be a fun one!

Happy Birthday @cold_fashioned :beers: Drink another one for me! :grin:
I’ll be at brewery, I shall give you an honorary mental birthday toast! :beer:


Wrapping up my 2nd official project, an 8 track EP called “Escape Plan” Listening to it back to back in order to get all the volume levels appropriate across the 8 tracks. I’m proud that it’s better than my 1st project and has a more cohesive theme.

Also playing the game Nier:Automata right now and it’s great!


Back to back 12hour nightshifts for me at my favourite octogenarian disco (nursing home in plain english!)


Thanks, but mine’s not for another 10 months or so.

I think it was @cold_fashioned who is nearly in his naughties :wink:


Oh yeah… Your avatars are both black lines on white. :joy:
I’ll change that message… You should drink one for me anyway… :grin:


I’ve been working on a work related report for the past week, and I’ve not really had the chance to relax. Today it was completed and submitted.

This evening I’ve spent some quality time with my son, and then when he goes to bed shortly I’ll be spending some the night on the OT and A4 :grinning:


Rye whisky, norns/grid/koma field kit, red wine/prime rib and gf time for me. I woke up at 2am and did my taxes so I wouldn’t put it off until the last second and fret about it all weekend. Have fun and be safe, Fridaynauts


Kids just fell asleep. My OT just woke up my Heat.


I have marking, so much marking to do!!!

Luckily no work for two weeks though


And happy birthday cold fashioned


I’m lucky in that respect - mine rarely do their homework.
Not for lack of encouragement and explanation of the benefits you understand.


I’ve put it off for months and it’s all backed up. Just had no time :frowning:


I’m going to dive deeper into my Max tutorial series- learning hasn’t been this fun since the first time I got an Octatrack :heart:


I’m ill in bed writing little canons.

Have a lovely weekend.