Hanging notes?

Lol at all the doom and gloom in this thread. Don’t worry people, if it’s a legit bug that they know about and have acknowledged and say that they are working on a fix for, why would you doubt them?


I was sending it midi through overbridge the other day
and it was going mental on and off notes sticking everywhere…
was pretty bad probably because short notes

Definitely sounds like it’s missing the note off or velocity 0 message in your case.

Crap! This made me think of a Max device I could make to send note off messages when the transport stops :joy:.

slaps self in face

I have to finish my studio and make some damn music! It’s been months of building furniture and making max devices haha.

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There is a whole long thread about this issue on here
so I believe they will fix it eventually … if it is possible that is…
building furniture and stuff can be fun aswell I guess!

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i found that it only hangs notes if i use the trigs on the digitone as keys. itll be fine but as soon as i press a trig notes start randomly hanging

Why does not Elektron fix this? It seems like they don’t give a **** about certain things.


Boom! :boom:

End of thread :blush:

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Still not fixed

Can you post a video of the specific case that you use to replicate the issue? we tested this pretty hard.

Haven’t had a chance to test it, did it solve the issue?

I just upgraded and I have not done a stress test yet, but the stuck note issue was really obvious before. It showed up directly, but now the issue seems to be gone. If this is the case this open up so much potential. Then I can finally use overbridge. My vacation just got the best start it seems. :slight_smile:

This issue was seriously annoying, in my case, sequencing the Digitone from an Akai Force.

All is okay now, the Digitone correctly understand the MIDI CC123 “All notes off”, and it’s pure heaven, no more stucked notes.

It took so much time, but it’s finally okay.

Thank you !


still happening to me all the time. very annoying :frowning:

Did you update the OS to 1.30A?

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Yeah I get hanging notes all the time as well now and yes latest firmware.

I was on 1.30. Just updated to 1.30A a sec ago, won’t know if it fixed the issue for a couple of days. The changelog didn’t mention anything about hanging midi notes though.

It’s possible the issue is on the end of my Erebus V3 which is the only thing I’m currently sequencing from my DN. I love how it sounds but in many ways it’s a janky synth.

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I’ll share with you what works for me. I turn on my various elektron including the DIGI always after Ableton. So I no longer have the problem of infinite notes.

Wow !! It wotks !! Thanks !!
Still I have a Syntakt . And the problem is not resolved on it .

I still have issues with hanging notes when controlling the Digitone from my Octatrack. On firmware 1.40B.