Gumroad Day thread

In honor of Gumroad Day I wanted to start a thread where people could post links to or about their favorite devices/software, etc. from creators that are for sale on Gumroad. Today, Gumroad is waiving fees and giving creators 100% of the their sales. Pretty awesome.

I will go first.

I just picked up Altman’s Max for Live Euclidean sequencer:

I also plan to pick up as many of @ess creations as I can. Doublet is phenomenal, and I will at least be picking up Superberry. YUM.

Suzuki Kentaro’s Max for Live devices also look amazing:

And someone recommended Woulg’s GrainSpec to me:


do love that euclidean sequencer :slight_smile: thanks for the reminder on this, and Gumroad day as a whole!

maybe time for some Fors and Suzuki’s stuff has intrigued for a while too! Loads of very interesting modulation devices but also just the quality of life improvements of the Clip Export and Rename devices really appeal.

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If you’re using any kit based drum machine/groovebox I can highly recommend Kit Maker. Also works for Ableton‘s drum racks.

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Excellent choice!
I would add those:


And why not?
If u like drones…