Great multi-effect box that also can do EQ well?

I want to buy a EQ device that will sit between the master out of my instruments and my speakers/my headphones. When shopping around, I’ve noticed that in order to get an EQ with a decent number of bands (I want somewhere around ten), the price also starts to go up.

So, I’m thinking that there might be some multi-effect available that also doubles as a great EQ. That is, why not get a number of extra effects while you’re at it? I don’t really need to make adjustments to the EQ on the fly. Rather, I’ll come up with a certain setting that I’ll always use.

So far, I’ve only been thinking about the Zoia. However, even if it can be a great EQ (I don’t know if it can), I guess it would be quite cumbersome to always have to build this functionality into every patch. Any other suggestions?

It has an EQ module (they call it Tone Control) that can have 3 or 4 bands (second mid band is optional). As far as cumbersome things go on the Zoia, adding one module is pretty quick work.

Based on how you describe your needs, though, the Zoia might not be the best fit. But it’s such a fun box.

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Rack or pedal? Budget? Live use?

Always worth having a peak at Kurzweil KSP8

Could also look at an Ensoniq DP4 or Eventide H3000 / Eclipse / Orville / H8000 / H9000 (But some would be total overkill)

1010 Bluebox - it’s not a multi-fx pedal (besides a basic delay and pretty good reverb) but it has powerful EQ for many inputs and a master EQ.

First thing I thought ~ no idea if the mixer/recorder features make sense for you

For quality set and forget EQ you could look at an Ultracurve Pro or a used TC Electronics Finalizer. Of course this isn’t a multi fx unit.

19” rack stuff would give you more options in general.

Analog Heat could be a consideration


Mod (Duo/Duo X/Dwarf) has, iirc, a five band fully parametric EQ module plus solid reverbs, compressors, delays, etc. You can chain the EQ modules if you need more bands, although ten bands of parametric EQ is pretty extreme. There are also graphical equalizer modules, if that’s what you want. In both cases, you should be able to make them dynamic by splitting the signal internally and using a bandpass filter and an audio to (virtual) CV converter and using that to modify an EQ parameter. Editing the setup requires a laptop or tablet, although they’re working on some (somewhat limited) front panel editing. You can of course also midi map all the parameters of your EQ and use a faderfox ec4, if the pedal you get doesn’t have enough knobs for direct control. Once you’re set up, no external hardware required.

The Poly Beebo is the other option I’d look at. No external editor required, but a somewhat more limited module selection — although pretty well chosen. Also very flexible routing, but slightly less so than the Mods, and a bit less CPU, especially vs. the Duo X. What you’re talking about doesn’t feel like it will strain either device, though.

Not Multi-FX but the Source Audio EQ2 pedal.


iPad + Fabfilter Pro Q? (if you already have the iPad this is a cheap option, felt OK to mention since Mod Duo came up, which is a Pi in a box IIRC)

The Boss EQ200 pretty much exactly fits your needs.

Unless I’m missing something.

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if you dont mind behringer, the DEQ2496 isnt bad. It’s decent quality on the AD/DA, and has a lot of EQ options and a useful spectrum analyser, but avoid the dynamics section.

Kind of, but the box makes a big difference. (Also not actually a Pi, but yes, it’s a Linux box)

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how about a second-hand Helix FX, or a Fractal FX8?

bit more pricy I guess.

Thanks for all of your answers! I didn’t expect to get so many good suggestions! Based on them, I will first try out some solutions with my iPad (I don’t want anything that’s too cumbersome to get into, and since I actually use my iPad for other things, merely getting started when I want to play some music might just be too much of a hassle). Then, I’ll probably check out the 1010 Bluebox, the Mod Duo X, and The Poly Beebo. If all of these alternatives fail, I’ll start looking at some of the many EQ-only devices that you recommended.

@vegeta897 I agree. Zoia seems like a really fun box, but it seem to lack that set-and-forget capability that I probably need.

@Rusty I don’t really care whether it’s a rack or a pedal. I have a lot of money :stuck_out_tongue: I’m just going to have this setup at home. I’ve been checking out some vintage gear like the ones you suggested. Will keep an eye on the local second hand market.

@Affectionate-Bee-781 The 1010 Bluebox is a really good suggestion, especially since I actually do need a mixer (my plan right now is to either route everything into and through my Elektron boxes or to use my Zoom H6 as a mixer). It’s a bit pricey, but still seems very capable. I will definitely keep this one in mind.

@Airyck I might dip my toes into 19" rack devices, thanks!

@mokomo Not that bad of a suggestion :slight_smile: The EQ capabilities would probably be enough for me and I like me some overdrive.

@Dymaxion I had forgotten about that little device! Interesting idea. I will read up on it (again). The Poly Beebo was kinda new for me though. Will check that one out as well.

@Tchu The price is a bit steep given that it’s “only” an EQ pedal, but as far as EQ pedals go, it seems really good. Thanks for the tip!

@igtheflig I’ve been trying to keep my setup computer/iPad free, but this might just be an irrational sentiment. I’ll start experimenting with some apps for the iPad (I do have one) to see how it feels.

@EQ200 It absolutely does. I don’t get any extra effects included, but that might be okay given a cheap enough price. I’ll take it into consideration.

@psychic_pizza I might actually be one of the few people who prefers Behringer :smiley: Thanks for the tip!

Yeah, they probably are a bit too pricey for my needs :confused:

I’ll see if I can test how hard it is to get my mod duo working with a motu M4 for extra channels tomorrow

I recently got a Beebo (aka: Digit/Morph/Hector) and you can build a chain that has multiple instances of the 4 Band Mono/Stereo EQ. Since Freq/Bandwidth are assignable for each band, you could in theory, have 4 separate modules - with each controlling the Low/Low-Mid/Mid/High respectively. That would also allow you to use the LPF/HPF on each module too, and allow you quite a bit of options to play with and tweakablity…

Also, depending on much CPU power the patch uses, you can likely add in a few other goodies to get even more control. Not sure if this is up your alley, but it’s worth taking a look.

Not too expensive, and has a ton to offer beyond that.

Good luck.

Key question really is: do you need “FX” for added mix in ambience or as a core destructor