Graphic design: I'll do your logo, poster or branding!


Hi everyone, I hope it’s fine to post a thread like this. :sunny:

I’m a graphic designer based in berlin, working as a freelancer on a wide range of projects. As I’m always looking for new possibilities/ new projects, I’m reaching out in order to make new contacts.

I’m highly interested in working with musicians/ the music scene in general, therefore I’m offering my help in case you need material for a project, an album or your website. I can handle graphic design like logo, poster, graphics and flyer/brochures but I’m also able to create/ build websites and animated material.

If you are interested in collaborating please get in contact, whether you have a very detailed idea or just a thought of a project. I’m able to work in every stage of such process, from conceptual thinking to deliver a finished product. I can send my portfolio via PM if a project is in planning.

Every contact is highly appreciated, thanks a lot!
(of course you can send a private message, too)