Got a mint Mono Evolver in sight - should I pull the trigger?

I’ve been eyeing the Mono Evolver from time to time, as the synth that got away.

I got a mint one now in my sight. Price is fair - not great - but it’s recently restored and fixed by DSI, so it really is fresh.

I’m wondering - how relevant is the Evolver today? I don’t care much for features. I love character. I want knobs and no menues. Great keybed is preferable, but I can do without it. I want to go to strange new places. I don’t much need classic pads, traditional bass lines or sizzling leads. I want that another world sound.

From demos, it does seem like it stands out from much of the crowd, still today. But am I just romancing an aging synth? Or is it actually da shit?


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