Glitch or shadow ban?

Yesterday after several posts in the Coronovirus thread I got a pop-up telling me that as a new user I had reached my limit of posts allowed in a thread (I signed up here over 2 years ago). I emailed admin to point it out, but no response. Today the same thing, only as a new user I had apparently used up the three posts allowed in one post.

I really hope this is a glitch, not underhand Stasi-esque shadow banning. While I disagreed with some on the Coronovirus thread, I did not abuse anyone.



Coronavirus mate

What all admin are out of action coz of it?

I think you can cut admin some slack for not getting back to you, in the current situation we find ourselves in.

I’m sure you’re on the list of things to sort out.

Sure. But I was wandering if others have had the same issue.

I’ve been pretty active on that thread and nothing like that for me.
This saddens me, I’d presumed it was my epic internet keyboard warrior skillz that scared you off.


We disagreed, partly through misunderstanding me thinks. But I reckon we kept it civil no?

I sincerely hope you and fam’s conditions stay as mild as possible. Be well.

I’ve no problem, just another internet disagreement.

Family ok right now, thanks.

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You’ve got 5 or so post in this thread, so no limit of 3. So maybe it was a glitch when you were posting in the other thread. The forum does glitch quite often.

Coronavirus thread only!

If it only happens there, i would chalk it up to a glitch.

keep reading, liking, participating and it should automatically bump you up.

And yea our forum software hasn’t been 100% reliable lately.


Thanks for the tip

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