Getting strange sounds on my USB samples?

Hi there- New to octatrack- Looking to transform my zone all into sampling mostly.
I figured out how to upload some USB audio clips I have from ableton but I’m getting this weird Glitchy Tone that has nothing to do with the sounds I made? Any reason for this? I tried editing the sample to later on incase maybe it was something I didn’t realize but know for a fact it isnt anything I recorded. I want to figure this out before I keep watching tutorials because I want to follow along with my own samples I made.
Have a lot to learn but this is bugging the hell out of me moving forward.
Thanks for your help. Also any great tutorial videos please send my way. I watched one with a ton of views based around guitar samples but wasn’t feeling it.

What are USB samples? The Octatrack only supports USB disk mode to transfer samples/files and you need to switch into a special mode to do this.

After sample transfer I would disconnect the USB cable from the OT to prevent ground loops and similar stuff from happening.

Videos (scroll down to posting 13 there):

Hi there! Thanks for response. Yes I meant USB disk. And yes seems like a ground Loop. I’ll load them again and disconnect USB. I’ll give that a go and then go forth to video suggestions! Thank you!!

Hey tnussb… I’m still getting strange ground noise weird pulses along with samples I’m loading to USB Disk Mode… SHould octatrack have something set to this doesnt happen in addition to disconnecting?? Maybe Octatrack off when I do this? I am dragging the clips directly from ableton into Octatrack disk…
Maybe they need to be saved as something else a specific format? Thank you for your help!!!

I usually don’t disconnect my OT from my computer, i just unmount it after sample-transfer, but disconnecting don’t harm. Best format for OT is *.wav, 16 Bit, 44100Hz.

Hey spktpkt-
When you say unmount do you mean physically itself or a option in the octatrack???
I’m wondering now if I need to drop files in a specific folder within the USB disk…
I was just wondering that. Currently have it with some sample from mars samples I might wanna practice with. Thank you!

figured it out yall!!!
Thanks for all your help!!

was .aif and needed to be .wav
Thank you!!

OT can take .aif but there’s a variant called .aiffc that is compressed a bit and sometimes just has the .aif extension, my guess is it was that.

Just to clearify. I mean unmount on the PC. :slight_smile: