Freshly baked Syntakt threads

Check out these sweet new threads from a new place, capturing all the Syntakt pixel-goodness you could wish for. There’s the Pixel-icon Sweatshirt and Twill Tote Bag, both showcasing lovely parameter graphics from Syntakt, and the all-conquering Digi Trinity T-shirt - perfect for you Digitakt and Digitone peops too, as well as new Syntakt citizens. Both the sweatshirt and t-shirt are unisex and all three items are only available from our webshop.

There is also a handful of Syntakts back in the webshop. Demand has been huge, but we will continue to add a few when we can. Keep an eye out for further shop refills.

*Please note that unfortunately, shipping isn’t currently available to all countries. These products may be displayed as “out of stock” if they do not ship to your location.

Sweatshirt - Pixel-icon
Twill Tote Bag - Pixel-icon
T-shirt - Digi Trinity

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I hope you sell a boat load of Syntakt. wishing you guys huge success :heart::space_invader:


They did it. Nice!

But will they still be relevant in 2023?


I read the title and thought “Oh, whos the joker posting yet another Syntakt thread ironically.”

Sweet merch!