Free Wavetables

Free Wavetables

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Can I import Wavetables into Waldorf Blofeld?


Cannot import
You can import by converting the length of the waveform.

Ableton’s User Wavetable is set to 1024 samples per Wavetable.

Blofeld’s User Wavetable is set to 256 or 128 samples per Wavetable. Also, the total length of the Wavetable must be 8192 samples.

8192samples = 128samples * 64 or 256samples * 32
Then you need to convert the Wav file to a Syx file for Blofeld.

I don’t currently own Blofeld, so I can’t answer much more.

User Wavetable creation tools for Blofeld
[For Windows Users]

[For Mac Users]

  • wave2blofeld (This tool converts Wav files to Syx files for blofeld.)

[For All Users]

  • ToneTweak Blofeld Editor(This tool is blofeld’s editor, but seems to have feature to load Wav files directly.)

  • Bigglesworth(This tool is blofeld’s editor, but seems to have feature to load Wav files directly.)It is freeware, but please donate it for development.

Tools that can create single cycle waves of 128 or 256 samples in length