Found, please close... WTB (UK) - Boomstar

Hello all - I’ve been keeping my eye out for a decently priced 2nd hand Boomstar for a while. (annoyingly I regret missing out on an SEM model sold on ebay earlier this year!)

I’m particularly interested in the SEM or SE80 variants, but would consider any of them for the right price.

If anyone has one they’d part with, or knows of someone who’d sell, please let me know!

Many thanks,


What would you pay for a Oberheim SEM?

I’ll drop you a message @Finns

I have yet to see a SEM or any Boomstar for sale within your budget.
Good luck with your search :grin:

Ah, sorry, I misread! I thought you meant the Boomstar SEM! Alas, an actual Oberheim is a fair bit out of budget, for sure.

There was a Boomstar SEM for sale at £595 a couple of months ago which I could have had for £550 - but I couldn’t quite manage it whilst also moving house annoyingly. The Boomstars pop up for 550 - 650 every now and then, and they don’t seem to sell very easily 2nd hand. So I shall remain vigilant with my fingers crossed!