Forum Assistance: How-to Quote and Blockquote?

Looking for assistance on how to properly quote a post, both the full quote and to blockquote. I can’t find a button to quote a specific post on the post I want to quote nor can I figure out the proper syntax for the blockquote feature. I tried blockquote and it posts the actual “blockquote” word instead of properly hiding the markup.

Any assistance on both of these features would be great!

Just highlight the text you want to quote from a post and it’ll pop up a “quote” button (or you can use the words quote and /quote in square brackets, but highlighting and clicking the button is better for attribution)

Brilliant! I really love the style and aesthetic of this forum. Cleanest one I’ve ever used. That one feature eluded me though. Thanks!

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Note that if you select a full post and quote it, the quoted text will not appear in the reply. You need to ensure that at least one character is different in the quoted text.

Replace the word “blockquote” withe text that you want to appear blockquoted.

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