Footswitch pedal for changing patterns?

Hi All,

Is it possible to use some foot switch pedal (like Boss FS-6) to change patterns on the fly?


No. Model:Samples does not allow control by an ordinary mechanical footswitch.

External control is only possible by using MIDI messages.


Sure, but not with Boss FS-6, you’ll need a MIDI foot controller that can send program changes, I believe the Behringer board does this.

I don’t own the Model but I’ve changed patterns on my Digitakt. I use a keith MacMillian softstep 2. Since it can be done with the dt who knows. blessings

I can confirm MIDI Mouse works very well.

do you think the “Disaster Area: DMC.micro” would also work for program changes? I´m pretty sure but not buying-it-without-reassurence-sure :sweat_smile:. Here´s a Link:


I’m thinking of purchasing the midi mouse based on your recommendation. Could you provide a little more detail? Like how it works? Or general setup

  1. Midi out of midi mouse in midi in of M:S
    M:S MIDI config:
  2. In Chan -> PCH In = AUT (1 works too)
  3. Sync Clk In = ON
  4. Use Down/Up buttons on Midi mouse to switch patterns on M:S
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That’s awesome! Thank you!

No worries, hope it helps!

The actual midi setup/section that I have, and found quite powerful with M:S, looks like this:



Nice! I have the ditto x4. How’s the pigtronix? What do you use the other midi pedal for? Tap tempo?

Pigtronix is very good (and doesn’t suck any juice from my bass). Second pedal sends the tempo and starts the M:S track (!) on ‘One’

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I’ve never heard of the 34one from ploytec.

The midi mouse worked! 1 extra setting in the midi sync…PCH in has to be set to on as well. Thank you! I’m very thankful.

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Forgot about that one :slight_smile: Glad to hear it worked for you! Cheers!

Is ploytec A Russian pedal? Does it send a midi start message after the tap in?

I think it’s German company, Russia is not producing anything remotely useful recently (except of weapons maybe :frowning:
Yes, it triggers the M:S pattern (as I said) on one i.e. it may be used to add M:S pattern to the analog mix (with live drummer) on the fly with the right bpm (takes practice to do it confidently)
It also sends the stop message to M:S (long press), makes it totally hands free.

And you connect that via usb?

Midi only

Thank you!