Footswitch pedal for changing patterns?

Hi All,

Is it possible to use some foot switch pedal (like Boss FS-6) to change patterns on the fly?


No. Model:Samples does not allow control by an ordinary mechanical footswitch.

External control is only possible by using MIDI messages.


Sure, but not with Boss FS-6, you’ll need a MIDI foot controller that can send program changes, I believe the Behringer board does this.

I don’t own the Model but I’ve changed patterns on my Digitakt. I use a keith MacMillian softstep 2. Since it can be done with the dt who knows. blessings

I can confirm MIDI Mouse works very well.

do you think the “Disaster Area: DMC.micro” would also work for program changes? I´m pretty sure but not buying-it-without-reassurence-sure :sweat_smile:. Here´s a Link: