Flip & Loop recording on M:S


Does the Model Samples allow you to record the button presses of the reverse button and the loop button?


Yeah, it’s a lockable parameter just like the knobs.


thank you very much!


oh one more question please, does the Model Samples allow different tempo per pattern within a project like on the digitakt?


Yes, the tempo is always saved per pattern on the M:S.


ok, thank you for your help.


I have a question too: do retrigs get sent via midi? What about note length and probability?


Does anybody know if you can set a different kit per pattern within a project ?


cool - this the first Elektron device that does this huh? that’s actually a pretty big deal


Not the first. With the Digitakt and Digtone for example, you have a choice between saving a global tempo or per pattern.


What is a pretty big deal though with the M:S is the ability to set scale (time signature) per pattern. That kind of Elektron ‘magic’ hasn’t been available since the Octatrack.


Hopefully coming soon also to AK/A4 :wink:


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More an optimistic nudge than a grumble :wink:


what about different kit per pattern guys, is this possible?


There is a manual available on the elektron website. Might be a good place to look for some of your questions.


thanks I will check it out asap


unfortunately after going through the manual I found nothing that answers the question I asked, so if anybody knows please let me know…

can each pattern in a project have a different kit loaded into it?


From the manual…



A project contains 96 patterns. General settings and states are also stored in the project. When a project is loaded it becomes the active working state of the Model:Samples. From here it is possible to edit the patterns and samples of the project. Every time the Model:Samples is switched on, it boots to the active working state, the active project. Projects are saved, loaded and managed in the SETTINGS menu. For more information, please see “11. SETTINGS MENU” on page 36.


The patterns are the primary data container for the Model:Samples. 16 patterns are available for each
of the 6 banks, which means that 96 patterns are available for each project. A pattern contains up to six samples (one for each track), sequencer data like trigs and parameter locks. It also contains BPM, length, swing and time signature settings. For more information, please see “8. THE SEQUENCER” on page


You can load up to 64 MB (about 11 minutes) of samples in a project, using a maximum of 576 sample slots (One dedicated slot for each track in each pattern in a project). Samples are stored in the +Drive Sample bank. Additional samples can be transferred to the Model:Samples from a computer with the Elektron Transfer software. For more information, please see “12. SAMPLES” on page 42.

Forget about kits, or rather, each pattern is its own ‘kit’, where each track in a pattern can have different samples.


got it!.. Gracias…
can’t wait to get my hands on this.