Flex machines for arranging

Hi- have all my sounds recorded in OT. From this point its all arranging inside OT. No live mixing in other instruments so I get that Thru machines is pointless for me. Not using really many inside sounds besides a few sample from mars kits provided.
Am I missing out on anything for arranging I wouldn’t get with flex machines? still not entirely understanding different between Static and Flex. I won’t need Pick Up because I won’t be looping and using all FXs for each track so wouldn’t need Neighbour machines. Maybe I just need better tutorials. Flex seems fine tho for making patterns and arrangement mode alone with the sounds I got in fine?

As for as playback capabilities are concernd, both offer the same possibilities.
If you open a sample loaded in to a static machine in the audio editor, though, you’ll notice some editing options are missing.

Flex machines play samples that are loaded into Ram, Static machines stream from the cf card. So static samples can play really long audio files (IIRC only limited by the size of your card), while sample size on flex machines is limited by the amount of ram.
Also if you really go nuts on a static sample start point / slice or rate modulation, you might encounter playback hiccups. So far I’ve never had any such problems, but it could happen.

There are quite a few threads in this forum regarding the difference between flex and static btw :slight_smile:


great thanks for info!! Sounds like Flex is good for now.