FL Studio and DN, almost perfect... Almost

I finally had time to try Overbridge again since the beta. My Digitone finally worked as expected. I was able to use Overbridge with the Digitone as the audio interface and also with ASIO, and other interfaces. I was able to sync everything easily which was great because that was one of my main problems in the past. I love that I can separate all 4 tracks, inputs, fx, and master. The best part and what I most looked forward to was that I can modulate all settings with FL Studio automation curves.

The problems started after a good while I had a crash. The DN stopped sending sound and the only way to get it back was to restart. Luckily total recall is working great too. I tried the combo again and everything was smooth for a while. Browsing presets through the plugin is a breeze. Eventually, I had another crash. After repeating this a few times I went online to see if I could find a fix. Someone on youtube said to route the audio directly to the mixer from the soundcard (this can only be done with the DN as the audio card). Whit this set up I was able to get a stable workflow but the problems with getting things to sync up perfectly came back. When routing through overbridge instead of the sound card to the mixer the DN works exactly like any other VST and it’s easy to work without worrying about sync issues. But eventually, I got a crash again even with audio to mixer from the DN. seems like the fastest way to get a crash was to mess with voice unison.

The scary part was the last time my DN crash it wouldn’t restart after. I let sit there with the power cord off for a while and when I tried it again it was fine. I don’t want to mess with it anymore since I’m not sure if all the restarting will hurt the DN. I guess I’ll wait for another update. I’ve seen others complain about crashes with other DAWs. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get a solid workflow? I’m gonna submit a support ticket as well just wanted to see what everyone else’s experience is.

Following since FL is my DAW of choice and I have a Digitone that I experienced some hiccups with in combination with FL.

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Yup…make a ticket…reading this because I’m having crashes with my DN in FL20. It freezes and won’t respond. I actually think it’s MIDI loop related…(same behaviour as the midi cable loop, double stop .check that the DN isn’t also enabled as a midi device in the FL MIDI settings, if so…disable the port number by dragging it to zero and uncheck the “send master clock” option, working for me however I can’t send note data to the 4 MIDI tracks of the DN anymore…

I will make a ticket as well…

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I did have send clock enabled. I’ll try it again without it. I agree with you, seems to be a MIDI issue. I did switch all the midi inputs to OFF hoping that would eliminate any conflicts. I’m not sequencing other synths yet but eventually I would like to use the DN to control and record two other machines with FL.

Let me know if it solves it…:blush: