Five 'desert island' albums


I love the Geogaddi cover and bought it on the strength of that alone when it came out (I’d never heard of BoC).


Don’t get me wrong- it’s a nice looking cover.

But it lacks that BoC thumbprint found on Music Has The Right…/Campfire Headphase


love tago mago :ok_hand: :slight_smile:


ah I forgot about eluvium too. great album copia :slight_smile:


This would probably change on any particular day that you ask me this question.

I know that I’d need:

Too Dark Park - for when I’m moody.
Citizen Steely Dan (can I claim a box set? :smiley: ) - background for every-day activities.
DE9-era Hawtin, (don’t care which) - for something hypnotic
Man-Child or Thrust - for when it’s time to get funky

Probably need some Meshuggah or Candiria as well.

Of course, like I said, this list would be different tomorrow, next week, whichever… :smiley:

Could easily swap in some Hieroglyphics (probably 3rd Eye Vision or the like). Might want something like Paul’s Boutique on another day… Maybe some Global Goon melodic Acid…


Aphex Twin-Syro
Magnetic Fields-69 Love Songs
Ariel Pink-Mature Themes


Bez’s Madchester Anthems: Sorted Tunes from Back in the Day
Van Morrison - Its Too late to stop now
The Orb’s Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld
Renaissance: The Mix Collection
Journeys By DJ: 70 Minutes of Madness-Coldcut


Tool - Ænima
The Knife - Silent Shout
Gorrilaz - Self titled
The Beatles - Revolver
Led Zeppelin - Houses of the Holy


2814-Birth of a New Day
Minus-Jesus Christ Bobby
Aphex Twin-SAW 85-92
Scarface-The Diary


Not easy, of course

The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Led Zeppelin – Houses of the Holy
Peter Gabriel – Passion
Radiohead – Kid A
Massive Attack – Mezzanine


I couldn’t survive without

David Bowie - The rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the spiders from Mars




Pink Floyd - The Wall

No, there’s too many


good call on Eluvium, he’s so good.
I saw him open for Explosions in the Sky in '07.
Had never heard of him before that, blew my mind.

And Joanna Newsom was such a huge part of ‘The Strangers’ she’s great.
Sprout and the Bean is so amazing.


Let’s all be real here. With our top 5 desert island albums and an octatrack, we could pretty much make new music until the day we died.


Bryan Adams - Waking Up The Neighbours
The Tea Party - Transmission
Pearl Jam - Vitalogy
Sarah Brightman - Eden
Bryan Ferry + Roxy Music - More Than This: The Best of Bryan Ferry + Roxy Music

(If I could smuggle in a few more I’d add something from Front Line Assembly and Elvis Presley. And maybe some BeeGees)


omg I forgot The Notwist - neon golden


Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica
Oneohtrix Point Never - R Plus Seven
Autechre - Confield
Joanna Newsom - Ys
Frank Ocean - Blonde


A lot of cool albums here, have to check out those I don’t know yet.

Joe Cooker, live in L.a. 1972
joe_cocker_live_in_la Different covers exist. Edit: I had this on repeat while playing monkey island on my amiga. Great match of vibes m

Underworld, second toughest…

Sublime. 40 Oz…


Browsing this thread has done more for my sense of belonging to the community than I’d expected -yeah, we all probably use and like Elektron stuff, but I’d never expected the spectrum of music to so closely reflect my own interests and from members I’d never have anticipated and on the face of it, not too much of the music listed is coming from the 16 step sequencer paradigm camp … there are too many cool albums dropped to mention but I think I’ll applaud a few by way of a shortcut to answering this brutally difficult question - Five is just way too hard, five would be way too hard even in sub-categories and it’s a thread idea I’ve long wanted to pursue myself

Anyway - I’m on the case, think I’m down to 20/30 or so, but it’s a bit like choosing between your kids (well that’d be easy for me with just the one, but you know) - there are a few aspects to the choice that would make it easier, like having a mood survival album in there, something energizing, something for the head etc - but boy is it hard dropping all the seminal stuff you found along the way - so below I’m gonna flag up stuff above that I love, this might make it easier and take the pressure off making a selection, if I even manage that

Great thread @bruin and great replies and as per @TheFutureThoughtTapestries I’ve established a handful of island mates I wouldn’t want to end washed up sharing the decks with, but for the most part there’d evidently be at least 10 decent albums to pool … warning, mucho waffle and many many links ahead

I’ll start with a nod towards the (perhaps obvious to a few) reason for my avatar, this choice comes from a fellow mod no less and @xidnpnlss will (clearly) be in on the ref too, one of my top three (if not the top) albums is already in the bag so to speak, this gives me a top 6 I suppose

and some other notables (a selection, not exhaustive) from the 'nauts from the top …

box sets are kinda cheating on the painful selection decision, but any of his earlier stuff and especially his recent solo stuff would be awesome to be stranded with - he does so much with so little

brilliant album, I saw them do this live

great stuff, not quite so engaging live, but love the process and especially his sonic forebears

all terrific albums and it’s hard not to love Paul McCartney a bit for his contributions to side B, this speaking as more of a Lennon kinda guy … Radiohead thankfully broke their mold on Kid A, amazing and I have a soft spot for the first BoC album, but their appeal wore think for me after seeing them live and essentially treading over familiar ground on subsequent albums

LP5 is almost certainly the best electronica album I’ve ever heard, it never fails to grip me, their later stuff was too intense for my ears, this is just beautiful on so many levels, especially those tempo shifts and I love the sounds

So is a masterpiece, anyone in doubt or with progressive misconceptions should get their ears around this, the drums are sublime

The Hollis is amazing and possibly too brutal to enjoy too often, Spirit of Eden is a Stonewall masterpiece and on my shortlist

I went through a fairly brief Metheny phase but i’ve long since migrated away from the smooth tone; McLaughlin,Torn or maybe Frissell are more my kinda jazz-leaning guitarists - but I’d put Metheny’s appearance on Reich’s Electric Counterpoint as a highpoint

Wilson is a fascinating individual and genius songwriter

I bought this when I was as a Belew completist, but what an amazing and powerful album in its own right, lots of textures

One of the most criminally under-rated albums ever - absolutely incredible, but it’s one of those seminal albums I bought in the mid-eighties so you’re never sure if it’s just part of your own peak awakening or genuinely classic - I listen constantly to this day, only the cover disappoints … insane chops put to good use for once, Cobham is like a train … and before folk write them off, note that Massive Attack drop some Mahavishnu into Blue Lines

Massive could do no wrong in the early days, Tricky too, love this and Blue lines equally, but the production on Protection make it a more interesting album for me sonically

What’s going on is always there when you need it, stunning and timeless

Yeah yeah yeah - yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah - yeah - yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Love LCD, love this and every other album and everything Murphy loved that influenced him - lots of synth pr0n on their records - I stayed up for the NYC YouTube broadcast when they ‘quit’ but they’ve pulled off the unlikely and come back with some style, arguably their best and my 5.y.o. son loves it, especially this, his favourite requested track this past year by a long way, he adores following the big synth centre-stage from half-way through, good taste and what an epic sound

Don’t have the album, but I really like what Adamson did subsequently, these tracks from this album are both classics that I love from other sources a and the epic b, both essentials if your destiny was to be a post-punk kid

The early Eno era Roxy is more my thing here, but I like a lot of the Gabriel era Genesis, especially Lamb’ and tbh the earlier Gabriel solo stuff, but this is a really standout earworm track from Selling’ - however, this from the Roxy is totally next level … 'I blew up your body, but you blew my mind' … what a performance too, so intense

Great album I don’t play near often enough, would’ve seen him at ATP before this was released but I’d have been more hyped for The Sea and Cake than this although Sam Prekop guests on it - great artwork too

Don’t have it, but if it’s feasible this is better than Ladies and Gentlemen’ then i should check it out, i have one of the less-limited edition ‘pill’ packaged versions of that and it’s a fantastic album, big production, it’s relentless

I could’ve written this list - all off the scale brilliant - if i couldn’t hear Bill Callahan again I’d be sad beyond description, my hero songwriter ahead of Jeff Tweedy - I’ve seen Bill more than any other artists and he’s a deadpan genius

Ys is unbelievably brilliant, it’s a masterclass in melody and i love her voice (& it features Callahan of course) and I don’t mind saying that Joanna’s had me in tears on many an occasion, it’s like she’s plucking directly on your strings - the problem is it’s not an album to just drop on, you have to play the whole thing when you’re ready to listen - outstanding track from an album I’ll add to my shortlist

GYBE and associated acts are all doing stuff i wish I’d done - the guitar work is right up my street and their ‘found’ sounds are wonderfully weaved in - draining intense stuff, but utterly sublime

Too true - there’s gotta be Miles on there but which Miles, probably In a Silent Way for me but my iTunes stats show that i play Sketches of Spain the most, probably to complement my frequent plaintive moods, and even though Miles didn’t write the music it’s a great showcase for Trumpet, classy, if not too adventurous … yeah, In a Silent Way for me, it covers so many bases although, on paper, Bitches Brew should be more up my street, it’s one i go to less than most

The best album outta Scotland ever, so original, varied and plaintive - my Art Teacher at School put me onto this, never looked back, seeing them live in a Glasgow homecoming was a special special highlight - Buchanan has such a soulful voice

Bizarrely, as there’s no connection, the same teacher flagged this Late Night In Concert performance on TV which I VCR’d which rocked my whole polymetric world ever since and in so so many other ways - a very seminal moment indeed and one of the 80s crimson albums will have to be on my list, if only i could separate one from the iconic trilogy

Terrific, but my favourite of that loose trilogy is easily Swordfishtrombones, what an artist/album, I love how loose it is

I think I wore out the Propaganda vinyl back in the day, i love it, it’s relentless/motoric, great for a workout - really energizing and one of those records I know inside out, despite the many many variations of it

Being around for Blue Monday was a bit like a previous generation’s hearing the Beatles or Elvis etc, so many great tracks from that era, more-so than just those you can put down to your most receptive period, it was just so fluid and exciting genre-wise

It’s surely impossible to not love Blue Lines, but boy did MA run out of steam eventually - a timeless record though, always hits the spot

Great record / label

Love the Cocteau’s sound, but Endtroducing is just one of those albums that changed everything when it dropped, on every level a bonafide masterpiece although/because the source is predominantly sampled - The Neu! is on heavy rotation as it’s inexplicably one my young son seemed to love, especially Hero and rather nicely an album which Bowie tapped in to around his Berlin years - I don’t know how I’d pick between Low and Heroes for my Top five !

Rock Bottom is another album I play constantly, i adore all of Wyatt’s solo work, but Rock Bottom is the pick, it’s so so good

The Eno/Byrne is arguably one of the most influential albums of my life - it’s one of the hubs (if that even makes sense) of the whole wheel - I always have it with me

Björk’s work is also a bit hard to choose between, i’ve picked it all up since Debut but i tend to think of it as a whole, maybe the textures/sounds on Homogenic swing it for me, i wish she’d pushed the envelope somewhere less obvious - certainly a Top 5 female artist (Laurie Anderson being my first choice probably)

snap : although I love that Bowie and love the scope of it, there are a few more candidates from his Eno era higher on my list to whittle down to the 5 - my prevailing memory of the album is that when I saw it live at Wembley half the audience left (not me)

Can are awesome but I can’t really get into Tago Mago, Future Days would not be out of place on my shortlist, love it, I play it regularly

great stuff

don’t know it, but might like to check it out - recently heard this amazing track of theirs (first I knew of them) in a film and it really grabbed me

awesome, gonna dig this out for today, coincidentally featuring the Reich/Metheny sample referenced above . I probably play U.F.Orb more to hear wobble on Blue Room but aw man, happy days

Even though imho Shaking The Habitual is easily one of the best albums of this century, I just can’t get into this, perhaps because I heard STH first which is 100% right up my street, it’s perfect and totally on my shortlist

Gotta love some Beatles & Zep if you love music, the Rain song from Houses’ is one of their best and No Quarter might even be it, but there are so many to choose from—

all great, but Passion has a very very special place in my heart despite my being a militant atheist, the music (thankfully mostly instrumental) is that good, I simply have to look beyond the associations, I’ll add this to my shortlist - getting goosebumps just playing it back in my head

I like your thinking :wink:

impressed that Ys has been mentioned so many times now - it’s incredible folks !

blimey, the shortlist has grown, not sure I’m gonna manage just five, I’ll ponder it for a while and see if this thread still has legs


Though one…

Massive attack - mezzanine
Tool - aenema
Aphex twin - drukqs
Boc - geogaddi
Shpongle - tales of the inexpressible