Finegear’s Dust Collector — analog effects, part of the Arkive Effects series

Hey, its been a while since this thread saw any traction. Those things are back in stock at around 500€ this time. Anyone still using theirs? How did it go? Sold off? Interested in your experiences.

This is something I was super interested in but heard a couple of demos and was a bit put-off. I love real spring reverbs and everything else is icing on the cake.

Yeah, I’m actually looking at it now and while it looks good on paper, i dont get the ‘right vibes’, as stupid as it sounds (something irks me). So I’m interested in others experience. (Im still sad I didn’t buy Hypnosis as you cant find them even used right now and that box has less features but seemed to just click with me.)

Tape saturation emulator, are they analog still? Like just a distortion circuit, or SVT in a box?

I was interested in this, but I blew all my money on a Matriarch and Syntrx.

Reviewing my earlier comment:

… whoops :smiley: At least I got a delay and spring through such foolishness.


Did any of you guys see the teaser last week for the next Arkive Effect? It’s called The Dirt Magnet and it will be launched at Superbooth. Looks to be a tape effect of some sort. I’ll be ordering one no question!

it’s going to be around 1k. Hefty price increase but I guess that’s what you can expect for real tape

Did anyone try the Dust Collector on things like guitar, bass and/or vocals? I’ve only heard one example of it on bass and it sounded nice and crunchy, bit worried about losing the low end although I intend to use this as an fx send working from a daw. Would be good for that I think

There’s a thread for it here too: Finegear’s Dirt Magnet— analog effects, part of the Arkive Effects series

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And every module is stereo!


The Dust Collector is still with me. I have considered selling it once or twice but honestly it fits t bill for so many things. On the right source the tape saturation is great. The phaser sounds fantastic on bass, the delay and reverb can make synths sing. There is a good amount of experimentation and fun to be had. Even though it takes up a lot of space it covers a lot of bases. The dirt Magnet looks pretty incredible as well.


Not making it any easier to resist getting my hands on a b stock while they’re there still, I’ll tell you that! I do see it getting a lot of flack from users, that its more experimental than usable. I don’t mind experimental but this would be my main send due to limited space and budget


Yeah, I’d love if I could replace a tape delay and spring reverb, but i’d need some hands-on experience.

That would be a tough call to make if it was your only send. The delay is cool but can dirty up pretty fast. The spring reverb is the most traditionally useful effect and the most experimental at the same time. When you take the cover off and mess with the springs you can get some wacky but usable samples. But I’ve only actually done that a handful of times. Luckily, the verb can function as a bread and butter effect as well but is not going to cover every one of most users reverb needs.

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