Finally, the perfect mixer? [Allen & Heath QuPac]


if you ever end up with something like the Analog Drive, these sends are great for things like that.

Also, this might seem silly to mention, as i think it’s what they’re actually for, but I run the mono outs into my stage monitor at gigs.


Yeah 100% there for stage monitors. I just sold my x32r where everything could be swapped around.i have downsized alot so brought the qu pac, just trying to get used to it. Got it for a bargain £599 so well chuffed👍


whoa! that is super cheap. nice buy


Yeah.brought it off eBay.thought I was gonna get scammed, but arrived and seems to work great



I’m looking into getting a QuPac to use primarily without a DAW. Could someone please confirm if the following workflow is possible/easy to accomplish:

  1. Connect instrument to line-input-1 and record to Qu-Drive track-1.
  2. Disconnect instrument from line-input-1
  3. Patch playback of track-1 from Qu-Drive to channel-2
  4. Apply compression, effects etc to channel-2 and record to Qu-Drive track-2.

In short I want to know if I can build up a mix piecemeal, utilising pre-recorded tracks from the Qu-Drive, that can be further effected/re-fined without the original instruments being connected to the mixer.

Thanks in advance


It turns out that it’s not possible to record and playback with Qu-Drive at the same time, so the workflow I described above would not be possible.


Sounds like you want a multitrack (if you don’t want to use a DAW)


I think you could be right something like the Zoom LiveTrak L-12 could fulfill my needs. But it doesn’t look like it has the studio quality eq, compressor etc that I desire.

One of the big appeals of the QuPac was having a visual parametric EQ, a quality compressor per channel and being able to use the visual RTA.

The QuPac seems very close to what I need, but unfortunately seems to be somewhat restricted in the multi-tracking aspect.


Yeah I don’t think it was designed with multi tracking in mind… but then I guess most mixers aren’t designed to do that in the box. I am not aware of any multitracks which will have anywhere near the mixing capabilities of the Qu-Pac. I think the idea of the live recording on the Qu-pac was more around an easy way to record a live session / performance without the need for an external recorder.

If you want to move away from a DAW but want to have all the capabilities of something like the Qu-Pac, as well as record tracks separately, I think you’d need a separate recorder (unless anyone else knows of anything on the market which can do both). Could that be an option? Get a good quality but relatively simple multitrack and feed the outputs of that back into the Qu-Pac for any overdubbing / adding new tracks?


Thanks for the suggestion @Ray-Ray_Velouria, I think that could work.

So if I understand correctly, my workflow for my contrived example would be:

  1. Connect instrument to line-input-1 of QuPac.
  2. Route channel 1 output to multitrack recorder and record to track-1.
  3. Disconnect instrument from QuPac.
  4. Connect track-1 output from multi-track to line-input-1 of QuPac.
  5. Optionally apply compression, effects etc to channel-1 and record to Qu-Drive track-1.

Any suggestions on a good multitrack device that could fit? I guess ideally it would have a similar number of tracks as the QuPac does channels.

Thanks again.


I remember having read something about reading QuDrive tracks while recording other ones…
Are you guys absolutely sure this can’t be done? Got to check this again.

@hereiamhere75 you can perfectly use a delay and send it back into itself. On the Qu24 I have, it’s really easy to handle, and you can use the EQ to filter the feedback…


@LyingDalai see the Qu-Drive modes section of the following article:

Multitrack Record + Multitrack Playback, not supported simultaneously.


Oh, I have just figured the manual was not really helping in this regard.
Thx for the link, @b73!


I am actually giving serious consideration to the Qu-Pac… in the past I have utilised many workflow - entirely in a DAW, entirely analog mixing and recording, and various in between states. Right now I have an Apogee Element, I am coming to a stage though with the next projects I’m working on that I need to expand my inputs and routing capabilities again. I am either going to go down the ADAT route, or was thinking about a Qu-Pac with the AB168 expander.

If I go down the ADAT route though I am still going to hit a limit in all practicality, so I am seriously looking at the Qu-Pac + expander - this will also give me a much better degree of portability which looks like it may be very useful with what’s coming up.

Does anyone here have any experience of using the AB168? I have seen some conflicting statements regarding its capabilities.

More precisely, I need to see if I can confirm the following:

  • Do inputs on the expander show as channels on the mixer? i.e. the mixer natively on the Qu-Pac will have 16 channels (talking about the mic inputs here), will the mixer be able to display and control 32 channels using the AB168?

  • Effects routing: again I have seen conflicting things here, how much control is there on what can be routed to the outputs? Ideally I would like to set up different channels being routed to different outputs on a song by song basis so that I can send / return effects. I know that the Qu-Pac has some pretty decent on board effects, but I could not find anything concrete in regards input effects etc.

If anyone know or has first hand experience of this and is willing to share it would be much appreciated!


Yes, I have an AR84. You’ll have access to all additional INs/OUTs via the in/out menu under setup.

I use the 3 stereo outputs on the QuPac for my 3 outboard effects. You’ll have to eat up some inputs, but that’s how I go about it.


Fantastic stuff, many thanks for the answer!

From an effects routine perspective I have budgeted from an input side of things. Digging further up this chain I did notice a couple of comments regarding latency, external effects such as distortion, compression, overdrive causing phasing issues.

So with this in mind, my last question would be is it possible to route a channel to an output I am using as an external effects send but not have that channel going to the main mix (i.e. muted to all intents) and just use the return of the effect which would have both wet and dry signal already mixed? Does the Qu-Pac go to that level of flexibility?


Yes, you can mute whatever you’d like and route anything pretty much anywhere. I’ll often route multiple effect outputs to a Group which is what I’ll end up recording instead of the single effect outputs.


Thanks! So basically if I didn’t run parallel effects out of the Qu Pac and externally on a single channel I can avoid phase issues by using the mute as described, in which case it would be problem solved.


I am selling my Qu PAC pm me if interested


i am keeping my qupac, but selling my ar84 if you’re in need of more inputs/outputs.