Finally, the perfect mixer? [Allen & Heath QuPac]


those breakout boxes, do they introduce any latency? Might get one or two to save running wires everywhere


i don’t notice latency, but the AR84 does whir a bit. other than that, it’s been a great option for adding additional inputs/outputs.


Whir? it has a fan or something?


yes, has a cooling fan. if it’s close by it’s very noticeable.


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Yup, xlr to line works fantastic, using my specular tempus this way :slight_smile:

Off topic, the built in effects are not that bad btw…


aye, no issues using the XLR mix outputs. they sound good to my ears, but i’m no expert.

as for the internal fx, i’m quite fond of the reverb.


Are the QuPac fx the same as on the SQ-5? I am not sure I like the fx too much on the SQ-5… But plenty of outputs at my disposal so setting up fx loops is not a problem. Using a line level shifter for going with balanced XLR into unbalanced quarter inch and back.