Finally grabbed the AK

I just purchased what seems like the last new non-B-stock AK from a U.S. dealer!

I’ve been thinking about it ever since the very early AK videos (the ones that weren’t even Cenk) and finally said what the hell.

I’ve lately been going back more toward ITB due to total recall and studio clutter issues, but Overbridge really solves that.

Might pull the trigger on a DK too, I just can’t stand non keyboard synths for some reason.



@basehead617’s home studio. :beers:

I prefer destop versions! :wink:


Same here, I only have space for 1 keyboard with full size keys, but the AK is it - it has good enough for me master keyboard functions, win win.


I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. It can wear so many hats. I haven’t had mine for super long but I spent a month just making drums with it and it was amazing :cool:


Agreed desktop is the way, I don’t know how people find space for multiple keyboards, when they’re stacked they get treated like desktop units anyway.

Grats on the AK, enjoy it. I had a DN before and I really would not mind a DK

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I recently pulled the trigger on an AK as well. It has a very nice keybed, actually the same exact one as on the Blofeld keys, which I also have. I might sell that and pick up a Blofeld desktop as the AK functions very well as a master keyboard with its midi sequencer and ext midi button.

Congrats indeed. I do agree that the desktops are more practical but they keyboards are so nice to have. A4 keys in particular ads to the UI - sound selection etc. Things you can also do on the desktop (use the auto channel) but nice to have it always at hand on the keyboard. I also find the slightly quicker to access poly settings nice (as I change the poly mode often).

My only wish for a a4 keys mkii would be a more eccentric design ala the monomachine keys and digitone keys.


There’s no way I’d ever use just an A4, it need to be AK to have the performance joystick and keybed. Live is important, and sequencing and recording in with piano keys is just so much better. It looks better for an audience too. I really wanna feel connected and in touch with the instrument since if I’m just sending MIDIS to a sound module, I feel like I may as well be programming on my computer.


agree with all of that and also i’m a pianist for 35 years… there’s something about playing the instrument as a whole

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I really enjoyed playing A4 on a 88 graded hammer keys. :wink:

AK/A4 unfortunately lacks a keytrack Mod page. I think I’ll use a midi processor to map notes to Breath Controller CC to keytrack certain parameters.

Let me also chime in to say how much I love my AK. Just bought the Underbridge so my baby is better protected^^ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Got it today – I was fearing the worst as I’ve never heard of the dealer, and the elektron box looked like it had been through a warzone – but it was definitely not an open box/b-stock because the thing itself looks untouched. It’s ancient, has OS 1.20 on it.

But man, first impressions are it sounds fucking great! And I love the keybed. The screen makes me crave a Mk II (I have used the others and it’s night and day from the old ones) but it’s definitely beyond my expectations overall.

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