Filter envelope trigger


I think the same problem still exists on Rytm. Can’t wait to see what the update will bring us. Fingers crossed :pray:


I have the same problem with LFO/filter trigs. It’s a software- and not hardware related issue isn’t it?


Lfo trig on/off does work. Filter trig on/off doesn’t.

Can’t wait on the next update :stuck_out_tongue:


Apologies in advance for the necro bump… I’m assuming this is fixed?

Also just wanted to comment that using FLT.T on/off on trigs is a fundamental technique I completely overlooked. That picture above posted by anselmi helped me see how to apply it.

For example, if you have a filter env active, alternating FLT.T on/off on trigs for hats works wonders to get accents, and it leaves volume and velocity free for further tweaking.

Edit: Looks like this was fixed in 1.05

“The filter trig parameter had no effect. The filter envelope was always triggered by a note trig but
never triggered by a lock trig. All patterns will be automatically upgraded to compensate for the
changes introduced by this fix.”