Fills - only as trig condition? Can I have a dedicated fill pattern?


The manual is vague on this - is fill only a trig condition? I want to make a specific patter that’s called from the fill button.


Either they’ll all need fill conditions or pre conditions(unless there are other trigs on your track)

Pre would be better on account that you wouldn’t need to hold the button down the entire time(in which case, non fill trigs could have the \Pre condition on them


If you use the rytm as pretty much a strict sampler, you can blow 4 voices each and build two patterns inside one, then just set the 4 voice fill pattn to trig cond FILL

if you are clever with your synth work, might also be able to pull off having some same synthesis sounds for some of the 4 voices.

you could also use the voice stealing to your advantage to a degree this way, unmuting the dominating voice for the fill effect. (ahh but then the nonfill tracks also need to be muted unless they contain identical trig sections…)

ps adjacent trigs can be microtimed to occur almost on top of each other


I’d just set all trigs that I want to add to the pattern to FILL, all trigs that I don’t want in my fill pattern to FILL with the line above and all trigs that should remain in the fill pattern are left as they were before.

With microtiming you can have two trigs close together and trig them with different trig conditions. Depending of tempo and source material it might sound like they’re on the same step.


Those are some interesting workaround ideas - thank you! I’m used to working on the 808, CR-8000, and Cirklon where fill cuts to a completely different pattern and I like doing things like hitting it to temporarily bring in a pattern that’s 2x the speed or even something like a 32nd or 64th note roll.


rolls are a breeze with retrig steps (hold trig and press up arrow to enter retrig edit)


Another workaround might be to use the direct jump pattern change mode. I haven’t tried it myself but this clip from @introvertmusic shows the possibility I think.


Toothpick or something to hold bank button?


Could be… Maybe there’s something else going on there.

Also, TEMP JUMP might be a better way of making fills…

TEMP JUMP works a little bit differently from the other PATTERN modes. It works like this: 1. Press [FUNC] + [BANK D] to arm TEMP JUMP PATTERN mode. The Temp Jump LED starts to flash (if the sequencer is running) to indicate that Temp Jump mode is armed. 2. Select a new pattern. The Temp Jump LED is now firmly lit to indicate that Temp Jump mode is active The pattern changes immediately and the new pattern starts playing from the position where the pre- vious pattern left off. It plays the new pattern once to the end and then return to the pattern that was playing before the change. Once the sequencer has returned to the earlier pattern, then TEMP JUMP mode is no longer active.


Seems interesting but Fn+Bank D opens Parameter slide and I can’t find Temp Jump in the manual.


That’s taken straight from the mkii manual… Might be different for mki :frowning:


Apparently…Not sure I’d buy an MKII for that, but it’s an interesting feature, best being sampling ability!


Use song/chain mode, maybe
First it didnt feel that ‘playing live’
Now it feels steady, some stability helps me to create live sets
And especially for good fills it is amazing

Fil mode i use for adding random noises or percussions, not for fills
4:4 or 8:8 trig conditions are favorites too